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Are you looking for a new slot game to play? We’ll got your back because the day we’re going to give you a wild booster slot review. Wild booster is a game that is originally released by pragmatic play and one of the best win rate slots.

Their game is quite simple because it is a casual themed game. There’s nothing special about it besides the fact that it is similar to most of the classic slot games from Las vegas. And this article below we’re going to talk about several different parts. 

Finding the right slot game can be very important and crucial for every players. You want to find a slot game that is profitable but also has a high rtp. This game in particular has around 97.65% of return to player percentage. 

This number is already above average so you don’t have to worry about either making a profit or not. Because that percentage alone will have a huge chance of you making some profit. Besides that players also have a chance of hitting jackpots and etc. 

But keep in mind that this is also a high volatility slot game. High volatility slot game basically means you either get a very good combination which can lead up to 5,000 times. Or you can lose it all and get zero times multiplier.

Wild West Multiplier

Wild booster is a packed and fast-action video slot. The first thing that you can get is of course you can play a video slot game that is wild west themed. The wild West theme shows a couple of easy symbols. It starts off with ace, queen, king, Jack and numbers. 

The smallest multiplier that you can get in this game is a common multiplayer of two times. This can be quite easy to get because it is still considered a low tier combination. On the other hand players also have a huge chance or moderate chance of getting 10 times up to 20 times. 

This is much more challenging than other types of multipliers but it is still very possible for players to get it. Last but not least is the high tier ones. Hi to your combinations are triggered when you get the wild scatter numbers and symbols. 

For example you get double sevens. This will automatically trigger the small jackpot combination. Small jackpot combination consist of sevens but not on all 5 reels. Maybe you can get three off of the seven symbols. 

And then the payout would be a couple of hundred times multiplier. Last but not least you can get the biggest jackpot of the triple 7. 777 is given to players when they are able to hit all five combinations. 

The maximum reward of this game is 5,000 times. Just imagine betting $10 and bringing home $50,000. That is the betting and payout potential of this game.

High Volatility Slot

Wild booster slot review have considered this game as a high volatility slot. One of the reasons why we think so is because of the fact that you either win big or lose big. But there is one particular feature or combination that can save a player from losing. 

This is called as the free spin combination. Anyone was able to get that will basically be saved from losing. The free spin combination is much easier to trigger in this game. Right now there are a total of around 546 different combinations that can be made. 

These kinds of combinations can have multiple stacks of multiplier even free spins. Which basically means that a player can have 10 different combinations which all lead to free spins. 

Wild booster will give players free spins instead of a loss. Hence it may not sound as volatile anymore but you still have huge chance of winning.

Gameplay and Theme

Wall booster slot review is also going to talk about some of the high qualities of this game. The game is quite simple because it does not provide much animation. Hence if you spend a slot you will hear it the exact same thing every time. 

For example, if you spin the wheels then it would give out the exact same sound of reels spinning. Besides, that players could also have a chance of hitting the jackpot which would trigger money flying down from the sky. There will be gold coins and dollar bills raining from the sky when you hit some combinations.

Bonuses from Wild booster slot

Wild booster slot is kind of generous when it comes to giving out money. The slot game is an interactive slot. This means that there may be some Easter eggs or small buttons that you can click. Each one will give you small credits or even free spins. 

One of the best examples is if you click on a golden star that appears on your screen. This will award you with two free spins. The longer you played in the more bonuses that you can get. Besides that players also have the chance of getting cash backs. 

All types of rebates are cashbacks are given to players if they use the promo code. The promo codes may not exist all the time and you need to find it in order to get it. 

It will not just appear out of nowhere. The amount of cashback you can get this quite a lot because there’s a cashback of 10%. This means that every time you bet you get 10% back which is a great deal.

Cross Platform Feature

Some pragmatic play games can already be accessed from your phones or other types of gadgets. While on the other hand there are still games that are not recreated yet. Lucky for you wild booster slot game is a newly developed game. 

It already has a cross-platform feature that you can use. Players can switch between their phones, tablets, PC come other types of gadgets. It doesn’t matter what kind should you use as long as you play in the same casino. 

You can also download the app immediately in order to access this game or play through the browser. We suggest that you played for the browser because it is much more hassle-free.

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Tips to Win in Slot Games

Winning in slot games is quite simple. Everyone can do it but not everyone knows how to do it. Winning basically means that you put a certain amount of money and then you’re able to withdraw that money with profit. 

People usually get the first part right but then they’re unable to withdraw and get profit. Playing video slots is all about your psychology and be patient about it. Do not be too greedy and we will teach you how to do that. There are certain types of strategies and tips that players can usually use.

Try not to be greedy

Being greedy is one of the quickest ways to lose in any type of gambling game. Psychology is a huge aspect of gambling. You need to be able to control your mind instead of following what you always want. 

Because what you always want me not be good for you. Players will want to keep on making money all the time. It is very unrealistic to always win every single time. The most realistic thing is that you actually gamble and win a bit everyday. 

You don’t have to win every single day. If you expect when every single day then you’re going to bet all the time and gamble all the time. There is no stop to this. Instead what we suggest you to do is to play patiently. 

Do not follow your emotions when you’re playing gambling games. People get greedy when they’re triggered with something. For example you are seeing the jackpot combinations lineup. 

That is why you really want to hit it. But that may not be the best thing to do because this will lead you to going all in. 

Take advantage of progressive jackpot

Player can make much more profit when they can play patiently. This is because wild booster slot is a progressive jackpot game. Progressive jackpot has a much higher hit rate. A player can make much more money with some more time of course. 

The way how progressive jackpots work is that you need to be patient and the amounts of money will keep on increasing. The more you play then hire the jackpot read will be. 

For example today it may only be a couple of thousand dollars. But after playing for a couple of hours the total amount can lead up to $10,000. The amount will always increase if you play patiently.

That is all about our wild booster slot review today. We hope that this article has been useful for you. Feel free to check out some of our other articles. Who knows that those might help you be a better find some better games too!


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