Slime Rancher Review, the Cutest Game Ever!



Slime Rancher Review – One of the cutest games that you have to try as a gamer is Slime Rancher. The game has so many unique characters. Slime Rancher is an adventure game that stimulates someone’s life on a planet. The game invites players to start the adventure in their new life.

The thing that makes Slime Rancher the cutest one because there are so many cute characters of slimes there. The slimes as livestock have two colors, pink and silver. Then the appearance of slimes is cute too. The pink slimes are like a doll and the grey slime are like a cat. And this game is the one of best ps4 game like anime crossing.

The players who play Slime Rancher will get interested in the game. The first time they play the game, the gamers will feel addicted because of the cute character of the game. The Slime Rancher can make the player feel enjoy playing the game. So that’s worth it if Slime Rancher, the cutest game ever.

Slime Rancher Review – The Story of Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher is a video game classified as an adventure game that was launched in January 2016. The creator of the game is Nick Popovich and Mike Thomas. They are the mates who build a company together, named Monomi Park Studio. They created the Slime Rancher game about two years before launching.

Then after their creation was finished and ready to publish, they did cooperate with Harry Mack as a composer and Unity as an engine. On August 1, 2017, they released the Slime Rancher officially to the public. In May 2017, the game had sold about 800,000 copies.

Not only that, in May 2017, the Slime Rancher was successful in catching the interest of the gamers. The game has sold about 2 million copies. So many gamers want to try playing the game. They get interested in it because the game is quite cute. It makes the gamers feel entertaining.

The Slime Rancher got good reviews from the gamers who have played it. They give the score about 4.4 out of 5 stars. The gamers said that the game is fun and it looks great to play. Almost all of the reviews from the gamers give a good comment.

Besides, when the game released in full version, the Slime Rancher game got 81/100 on Metacritic. The reviews said that the game was enjoyable and the adventure in the game gave the challenge to them. Then the gamers felt that the game gave the simulation of life like in real life.

Because of the good reviews, the Slime Rancher game has been successful as a nomination for some awards. The awards were the National Academy Video Game Trade Reviews Awards as Game Originals Action 2018, and the 14th British Academy Games Awards as Debut Game category 2018.

Slime Rancher Review The Gameplay

The Slime Rancher is one of the adventure video games in an open world. The gamers will play the game with a character named Beatrix LeBeau. The gamers will control Beatrix LeBaue who is a rancher. Beatrix moves to the other planet that far away from earth and the planet’s name is Far Far Range.

Then, In Far Far Range Beatrix as a girl will start a new life as a rancher of slime. Beatrix has to find the slime there. Next, Betrix will collect all the slimes. Then Beatrix will raise the slimes, give them a feed, and bread it.

It’s not easy to raise the slimes because the slimes are a mucous organism living in the Far Far Range. The slimes have various sizes and characteristics. They also eat different feeds. Some slimes can eat all kinds of food but the other slimes cannot.

Besides, Beatrix has to keep the slimes goodly by feeding them the food regularly. Beatrix does not let the slime feel starving, because the slimes will change to be bad slimes that are more aggressive. Then, the slimes have to eat the appropriate food to make them not become wild.

To collect the slimes and their food, there is a tool called Vacpack. The vacpack working is the same as a vacuum. The vac pack will suck the slimes and the food then bring them to a cage. All the activities have to be done well by Beatrix in order to get a “Plort” later.

The plort is like a coin and it will earn money after the rancher changes it to Plot Market there. Then for each Slime, they produce plort in different quantities and it makes the slime have a different profit. The grey slimes produce more plorts than the pink slimes.

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The Cute Characters of Slimes in Slime Rancher Game

All the gamers are interested to pay for the Slime Rancher game because the game has cute slimes. So it makes the gamers enjoy playing the game and they become addicted. The slimes have some colors and the appearance of the slimes is like a cute doll.

There are three kinds of slimes that have different characteristics and appearances. The first slimes with the cutest appearance is the docile slimes, the second slimes with a quite angry face named harmful slime, and the last slimes with the bad face named hostile.

For the Docile Slimes, they are Pink Slime, Tabby Slime, Honey Slime, Phosphor Slime, Puddle Slime, Saber Slime, Tangle Slime, Quantum Slime, Dervish Slime, and Hunter Slime. All of the Docile Slimes have fun characteristics and cute appearances. They have a smiling face that makes the players pleasant when gaming.

For the Harmful Slimes, they are Rock Slimes, Mosaic Slime, Crystal Slime, Boom Slime, Rad Slime, and Fire Slime. These slimes still have a cute face but they are quite wild. Actually, the slimes are tame before, but they eat not appropriate food that makes them become harmful slimes.

For the Hostile Slimes, they are Feral Slime and The Tarr. These two slimes are so wild. Because they will attack and harm the gamers at any time actively. Not to mention, hey have a scary face and they are like Angry Birds characters. They will never give up trying to attack you and hurt you.

In addition, there are special slimes in the Slime Rancher game.  They are Glitch Slime, Quicksilver Slime, Gold Slime, Largo Slime, Lucky Slime, Twinkle Slime, Gordo Slime, and Party Slime. If we give the food and appropriate food the slime will become a special slime that gives more plorts to gamers.

The Fun and Benefits Things in Playing the Slime Rancher Game

As we know the Slime rancher Game, the cutest game ever that makes the gamers feel comfortable and having fun in playing the game. The game provides cute characters full of colors that make the gamers can’t move from the game and they feel at home in gaming.

Then, the game is an adventure game in the strangest that makes the gamers feel curious to play that. The story of the rancher who was stranded out from the earth in thousand light years is full of challenges. It will make the gamers standing on the alien planet in real.

Next for the life stimulation of the Slime Rancher game makes the gamers try harder to set and manage the strategy in starting the new life in gaming. The gamers should have the creativity and good management in keeping the livestock to make them breeding well. So the livestock can earn money.

And then, the gamers will have experience and skill in managing the economy in playing the game. They can do stimulation of improvement and develop the economy of the Beatrix who is a new rancher. So the gamers will command Beatrix to have good management to earn money.

The other benefit of playing the Slime Rancher game is all the genres can play the game. Starting from the kids to the adult, they have a choice to play the game. It is because the game contains the cute character without any sensitive pictures or actions. So this game suitable ps4 games for kids.

All of the characteristics of the game make the gamers happy. The game is not boring and hard to play. The game looks like a cartoon movie that makes the gamers can play the game for a long time and they will not move from the game.

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So the Slime Rancher game is amazing. The gamers have to try the game because the game is full of cute characters slime there. It is one of the best video games that show unique characters. All the gamers who played the game feel satisfied with it.

The Slime Rancher can be a choice to waste time in leisure time. It will give entertainment and increase the mood of the player because there are some cute characters. The gamers will not regret playing it. Instead, they will feel addicted to playing more.

Even the game has harmful and hostile slimes that have a bad face, but they still look like cute slimes. It cannot diminish the cute and unique characters of the slimes in the game. The game still became an enjoyable game. So the Slime Rancher, the cutest game ever is worthy and the gamers have to try to play it!


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