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The sims is a Life-Simulation game that became a serial-game for 4 Series. Electronic Arts as the publisher announces the release of this game on 6 Mei 2013. The Sims 4 itself was released for the North American region on 2 September 2014 (for Windows operating system & 17 February for X Os).

There are eight packages for the game, and sixteen packages for the things that were released to complete the player experience in playing. Nevertheless, The Sims has accepted a lot of reviews since the release with the main criticism to the lack of content in The Sims 4.

The Development of The Sims 4 Game

On 3rd May 2013, There was an email from the publisher of this game to several fansites to tell that there will be a big announcement on 6 May 2013, related to The Sims 4.

On 20th August 2013, the mechanism and the demonstration of  The Sims 4 were introduced at the Gamescom event. The explanation about the “Create-a-sim” feature in-game, which is the feature for the players to create the unique character easily.

The Developer also announces that The Sims 4 also will be able to be played on the low specs computer, as an update from the former game “The Sims 3” problem. The Sims 4 was developed by The Sims Studio and Maxis.

The Sims 4 will be a single-player game and the players also don’t need an internet connection to play this game. This game has been divided into 2 versions, such as The Sims 4 Limited Edition & The Sims 4 Digital Deluxe. The player just needs a computer with a 1.80 GHz minimal processor to play this game with a higher graphic. The Sims 4 is the one of best ps4 game like animal crossing.

How To Play The Sims 4

As we know, The Sims 4 is a life-simulation game. In this game, the player will create their character called “Sims”, the player also will create this “Sims” family, jobs, personality & make “sims” to get interact with the other characters.  Here are several ways to play The Sims 4, for beginners ;

1.  Setting The Game

On the home screen, there will be an “Option” menu, if this is the first time you play The Sims 4, you can click on the “Game Lesson” to see the basic lesson of this game. They’re also a “Game Option” that you can use to set the graphic and the display.

2.  Start The Game

After making your settings, you can go back to the home screen and click the “Start” button to start your game. For the first time, You have to create your “Sims” character with the clothes, their appearance, and their personality. This create-a-sim menu has been updated in this version. Now, you already get a lot of options to customize the sim’s appearance and personality.

You also have to give a name to their character in the column “Hello, my name is…”, Then, choose their gender (male or female), the ages of the characters (toddler, child, teens, young adult, adult, and the elder), the character’s walk style, and the most important is the character personality. 

Under the age and gender panels, you will see many hexagons on a different screen. On that hexagon, you can add the aspiration (the sim’s goals), like love, fortune, and trait (Cheerful & Lazy).  All of these traits make the sim’s character have unique personalities. An adult sim can have 3 traits and 1 additional goal from their aspiration. A teenager sim only has 2 traits & toddler sims only have 1 trait. 

This game also gives the player freedom for their player to customize a specific body for a character, like an eyebrow and the lips of the character.

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3.  Choosing The Home World

After creating your character, You will choose your “Home World”. Homeworld is the place for Sim to live, The sims 4 offers a lot of unique Home World. After creating a Sim, you can put it on the Home World.

The Sims has 3 Home Worlds: Willow Creek, Springs, And Newcrest. Now, you can play a few of The Sims 4 expansions packages now Home World. You can play using your Home World after you click the “Home World” button.

After entering the Home World, you have to put your character into the available home or buy the new land to make your home. Every family on The Sims has 20.000 – 34.000 simoleons (the currency of The Sims), depending on the amount of the family.

4.  Build The Home

After having a home, You can edit your home by opening the Build Mode icon at the top of the right bar. You will see a lot of options and tools to build your dream house. If you never construct a house in The Sims there is a pop-up window containing the tutorial that will help you.

5.  Play The “Sim” Characters

After putting The Sim family into the home, you can click on the play button to make The Simwalk. There will be a small icon at the bottom of the screen to give you information about the sim.  You also will see the small box containing the sim’s character’s face. By clicking that button will allow you to control the chosen sim.

6.  Get Interact With The Other Sim Characters. 

To interact with the other sim, click on The Simchat you want to do the interaction. Click one of the balloon’s text icons to command your sim to interact with the other sim. The different interactions to the other sim will affect your sim emotions. The Sims 4 has several feelings, such as confident, bored, happy, energized, flirty, etc. The feelings can influence The Sim to interact with the other sims.

In The Sims 4, the players can do multitasking. For example, The character can eat while talking with the other sims when it sits and stands. In the previous version of The Sims, the character can’t do this multitasking. 

7.  Getting To Know About Jobs In “Sim” World

The sim characters need simoleon (Currency in The Sims game) to buy anything. That’s why The Sims character needs to do a job and travel. To get money, you must have the “Get To Work” expansion pack. If you don’t have this pack, you can’t control your sim character to work. You also can get money by taking the benefits from The Simhobby and ability, like selling the painting or writing a book. 

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Additional Tips In Playing The Sims 4

If you are new to playing The Sims 4, maybe this post will help you to know about the basic rule and some additional tips to improve your gameplay. These tricks usually used to be played by a lot of “old” Sims players, so maybe this will help you in your in-game gameplay. 

  • After creating the sim, you can’t edit The Sim character. Especially,  if the players are using the cheat code
  • If you are the new player of The Sims, then you should make one or two sims characters. Taking control of many sims at the same time also will make it hard for your Sim character to reach their goals or dreams.
  • In The Sims 4, The Sim character can die because of emotion. Avoid making The Simangry, afraid, and hysterical. You also don’t let The Sim get tired, because your character will die because of it.
  • If you are playing The Sims 4 on a laptop, then Turn on Laptop mode in the settings menu to lower the graphic. Also, make sure the game can be played well.

Tricks In Playing The Sims 4

This game has a lot of interesting content so the players will take advantage of these in-game tricks. By using these tricks, the player also will know much interesting gameplay that they can apply in their experience of playing this game. Here are 5 Tricks that you need to improve your in-game experience, such as :

1.  Traits Are Important To The Sims Gameplay

The traits will affect the character’s life character. Because the players should choose a good trait to encourage a good mood. Some good traits are active, self-assured, ambitious, and romantic.  

2. Don’t Waste A Character’s Good Mood

It will be easy to take a rest, while the player’s sim does whatever they want in their good mood. use this to raise skill points or confidence level because this does not only boost the character’s mood but also will make the player leveling up the game area easily.

3. Hotkeys In Build Mode Make Everything Easier

The use of these hotkeys makes the building process much easier and prevents players from clicking the screen and wasting time looking for the build buttons. This also will make the build mode run smoother or easy to do.

4. Taking Advantage Of Multitasking

A little bit different from the previous version, In The Sims 4, it is hard to do multitasking in a character. But, in This game, All of these multiple tasks will be easier to do by using many commands. The Sims 4 is also a smarter game and the realism of this game will make the player experience easier gameplay than the previous version game. 

5.  Saving A Hard Copy Of The Player’s Progress.

All of the game systems work the same, that you have to save a hard copy of your files so the files will be saved on the console system of your game. Then, to save The Sims data, you need to have space on your disk, if you already have this, you can go and transfer all of your files. Because the files will be saved on Document/ElectronicArts/TheSims4aves.

The Sims 4 is a good Life-Simulation game. Thus, you also can play this game on PC, Mac, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. You can play this game to spend your free time because this game is fun with an interesting storyline.


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