The Rather Porny Downfall of Kristin Maguire



UPDATE: Much more here – “The Porny Plummet of Kristin Maguire…

There ain’t a thing wrong with people who want get their literary freak on and write about some sexy, crazy stuff. If it’s all legal and between consenting adults, more power to you. We salute you and your sexual liberation. Even if you are also the home-schooling, Huckabee-supporting, allegedly lap-dancing evangelical social conservative Mark Sanford (yes, THAT Mark Sanford) appointed to the South Carolina Board of Education. Even if you became the Chairwoman of that board before your liberation was learned by the evil liberals who were searching for more delicious, tasty Christian hypocrisy. Hell, that makes the whole thing a touch sexier than before.

That’s right, Kristin Maguire, you family values promoting minx you, ASSME loves you.

Follow the links above to learn about how Ms. Maguire’s alleged online double life led to her resignation from the SC State Board of Ed. The short version is she was carrying political water for arch conservatives like Huckabee and Sanford, promoting the values that often go with a home-schooling kind of attitude towards education (almost always hardcore – heh- Christian Conservative values) and then someone discovered links between her and an online literary erotica author who goes by the moniker Bridget Keeney (who was apparently well thought-of by her fellow erotica writers, it’s fair to note).

“Unfair” and “imbalanced” posted pdfs of what they say are a couple of Ms. Maguire’s “bridgetkeeney” stories:

Do not read them at work.

That said, for online erotica, they’re just fine. More links relevant to Kristin Maguire and “bridgetkeeney” below – they’re all text, but just assume this stuff is NSFW:

Seriously, if Kristin Maguire wanted to write dirty stories online, that was her business. It shouldn’t be considered a reflection of her abilities as a parent or her ability to do her job.

Only someone like, um, Kristin Maguire might think such a thing.


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