Montauk Monster? How About Southern Sewer Scrotal Sac Monsters?



Found via Reddit – could this be the new Montauk Monster?

UPDATE: Shortly after we linked to it, the owner of this video made it private! The plot grows thicker! In case the video owner gets spooked again (he did – he removed it), we found another upload of it here on the paranormal-centric video site, Disclose.TV. You can watch it at the end of this post below before the rest of the blog entry.

You’ve heard of the Montauk Monster, be ye Gawker-reading hipster or late-night paranormal radio addict. Drew Grant offered an explanation for the mysterious creature, which naturally stirred the whole thing up all over again. Is the question of the mysterious dead quadruped in the sand settled yet? We’re still not sure. So we must move onwards, and downwards.

In this episode of “weird shit on the Web that is probably made up but we just don’t know yet,” we give you YouTube user “elyhim” and his Sewer Cam, which shows, according to him, “[Unknown] life form lives in sewers, notice the retraction of a stiff nail like object from the third and last creature from the seam in the pipe.”

The video is nothing if not unsettling, gross and creepy. In case you didn’t watch – as the camera moves unsteadily down a sewer pipe, it turns to take note of various pulsing things [honestly, they look like scrotal sacs – just sayin’] that seem to have attached themselves to the sewer walls. Worse, these squirming, brain-like sacks retract when they’re struck by the light attached to the camera.

“elyhim” is from North Carolina, according to his YouTube account. His name may be Aaron Blankenship (it may also be ‘Viral Marketing Company X’), as he links to this MSN Spaces blog (they’re still around?), which hasn’t been updated in quite some time. On the blog profile he says he is “Data Geek,” who gets “excited about historical data, I know, I know I need a vacation. I might be disorganized with my head in the clouds but I am as dependable as the sunrise, I don’t hold grudges and I like to be silly, goofy but capable.”

That could also be a good description of a character in a script.

As for what those monster scrotal sacs of doom in some (presumably) North Carolinian sewer could be, Redditors offered up a number explanations, including bryozoa, or “moss animals.”

A few details about who made this video and its location are right there in text supered over the images – Malphrus, for instance, is a real, full-service construction company located in South Carolina. The Shops at Cameron Village are located in Raleigh, NC. The websites for Malphrus and Cameron Village have been registered and active for quite some time, so they are clearly real.

However, a look at Aaron Blankenship’s few blog posts reveal what seems like a writerly bent, which might help to cast doubt on this video. Here’s a portion of his most recent blog post, written in an August past:

The still, cool morning comes as a relief at the end of another endless night.
I wake with the echoes of dreams fading like a train rambling towards unknown destinations.
My good friend the dog greets me and stretches uknowing about my recent emergence from that emotional dreamscape
of self judgement, hope and history littered with the corpses of needs and wants. A battlefield of life
that my subconcious continues to try to understand and assess like a shiny stone that is turned in the light
to reflect the semiprecious gems within.

Bad spelling aside, there’s some imagination in those words.

News aggregator addicts like Redditors or Farkers can be very good at figuring out whether something like this is bullshit or not. The upshot of the discussion so far on Reddit is this – they don’t really know what the hell those things are, either. Honestly, neither do we. Probably viral marketing. Maybe not.

E-mailing George Noory of Coast to Coast AM right now…

ETA: Totally forgot to mention the Cthulhu option here. Maybe he grew tired of the Octomom getting all the attention. In case these are the offspring of his noodly dark majesty, IA, IA, CTHULHU FTAGN and all that…

Same video is up at College Humor. [Thanks, Drew!]


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