Forager Review: One of the New Games for the Gamers



Forager Review – Forager is a kind of adventure game with survival craft. This game combines the adventure mechanism that makes the gamers can explore the game. The game does adventure in an open world with some challenges such as puzzles and meeting foes that are inspired by Stardew Valley & Minecraft, Terraria, and The Legend of Zelda. 

Because Forager is one of the new games for the gamers, so just some of the gamers know well about the game. However, it is on our “Best PS4 Games Like Animal Crossing” list.

Forager Review: One of the New Games for the Gamers

There is some information and explanation of the game to make the gamers understand and get an attraction to play the game. In addition, there is some information for the weaknesses and strengths of the game. 

The Story behind the Forager Game Creation

Forager game launched on April 18, 2019, under the HopFrog Company with the creator, named Mariano Cavallero. The creator of Forager is a younger that dropped out of school. He tried to make the game and he learned to do a program to create it. They wasted about a year to do that. Unfortunately, no one got interested in his game for the first introduction of the game. 

Mariano Cavallero never felt like giving up on his dream. He tried to make the new one, but he also failed. Then for the last chance, He tried to participate in a competition and luckily he won. He got a trip to the USA to show off his project at a conference. Then he met with someone who works for Humble Bundle at the conference. 

Then the person got interested in his game and offered to cooperate. They made a deal to publish Forager game and HopFrog as a developer of the game. Then GameMaker Studio also joined as an engine of the game.

Fortunately, after making a deal and cooperating with some people, the game created by Mariano Cavallero has sold about 600,000 units after a year released on Steam. Many of the gamers feel enthusiasm trying to play the game. Finally, he got his dream to publish his game to the public. 

The Gameplay of the Forager Game

Forager game is one of the indie games with a simple mechanism. The game combines adventure with exploration. The game provides many features to do exploration there. The gamers will play the game with different challenges in every step. The gamers have to get resources from crafting the objects, killing the enemies, building a building, and solving puzzles. 

To reach the next level, the gamers have to finish the first challenge. The gamers have to harvest the resources in a massive amount. Then automatically the system will lead to the next level. For the next level that is still unlocked for the new tools and craftable objects, the gamers have to do the same ways with the first level. 

Besides, the gamers can earn money from crafting, looting, skills, and economic tasks. After collecting some money, the gamers can buy some land with the price tag that has been written in the game. By buying some land, the gamers can expand the area and build some buildings. Not only that, the gamers can do the planting and after that do harvesting of that. 

For this game, there are 65 levels to get to the end. Then for each level of the game, the challenge will be more difficult to face. Then the gamers will do the new adventure in the new area and get a new class of resources and fight with the new enemies who stronger from the previous level

Also, the gamers can simulate some tasks related to farming, hunting, manufacturing, mining, engineering, fishing, magic, and economics. The activities that they do in playing will make the gamers feel enjoyable.

The Strengths of the Forager Game

So many reviews come from the gamers who have played the Forager game. Many of them feel satisfied and comfortable in playing this game. The game is one of the new games for the gamers that can do for all genres. So that makes the gamers want to try to play this game.

It’s easy to understand the game for the gamers who play the game for the first because the game uses a simple mechanism. Then, this game rule is the same as the common adventure game that has some levels to reach the end. So the gamers will not feel bored playing the game. The gamers will find new tasks and adventures at every advanced level.

Like the common games, this game will lead the player to play the game and give the hint that shows up on the screenplay of the game. The gamers can start the game easily by using the hint. Besides, this game is available in some software such as iOS, Linux, Playstation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. So it makes the gamers can download the game in many options based on their software application.

Then, this game provides many features in adventures. The gamers will do crafting, collecting resources, building, fighting the foes, and solving the puzzle. With all the features in this game, the gamers have to use thoroughness and foresight to play this adventure game. Then use the creativity to arrange the puzzle and build a building.

Also, this game can play for all genres, starting from the kids to the adult. They can play this game in their leisure time to entertain themselves. So they will feel comfortable and enjoy playing the game.

The Weaknesses of the Forager Game

As we know, Forager is one of the new games for the gamers and surely it has some weaknesses. This game just launched about two years ago and the game is not able for multiplayer. The company just provides this game for single players. In case, Forager games cannot do battle for the gamers who want to invite their friends to do multiplayer in playing the game. So it is not recommended for them

Then, this game is the only 2D (two-dimension) quality which makes the video not good enough. The gamers cannot get the chemistry enough in playing the game because of the 2D game. So for the gamers who have played so many games in 3D, they will feel not satisfied with the video of this game.

Then for the character of the Forager game is just one character. The character looks like a baby doll full of white color without any combination. It makes the gamers have no choice to decide their character to play. So automatically they just can play the baby doll white character.

For the last, the Forager game is quite hard to play for the newbie. It is because the game has some features like puzzles and crafting that make the new gamers feel confused to play the game. So it takes concentration to make the newbie focus to play the game. Besides, the gamers will feel bored to finish the adventures because of so many challenges in the game.

The Updating of the Forager Game

After publishing the Forager game to the public in 2019, the company and also the creator of the game do update constantly. They make the Forager game better and better for the gamers. They do innovation to make the lovers of the game always feel excited to play the game.

In addition, the company of this game makes a community, especially for Forager games. The community can share the new updating of the game and chat with the community. Then for the appreciation of the company to the Forager lovers, they make real rewards for them. The rewards come weekly, monthly, or for the special event. 

The company gives the reward if the gamers can finish the game well in every ten levels. For level 10, the gamers get access to super secret Forager beta testing. Then for level 20, the gamers can get digital loot for playing the game. Next for level 30, the gamers can get the Forager Steam key. Then at level 50, the gamers can get Forager merchandise.

So for the Forager game lovers who want to catch one of the rewards, they can play the game and they have to finish the level. If they can reach level 50, surely they will get the cute t-shirt from the game’s company. 

So that all of Forager game information and review. So Many interesting things that gamers can do in playing the game. Even Forager is one of the new games for the gamers that has some weaknesses, but this game also has some strengths that make the gamers want to try playing this game. Besides, the rewards of the game can make the gamers more excited to reach the next level. 

This new game still does development to make innovation and make the game better later. All the gamers hope that this game can do multiplayer and become 3D for the next. So it will make the Forager game more interested and more fun to play.


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