Vary - Choose the Right Synonym for vary. change, alter, vary, modify mean to make or become different. change implies making either an essential difference often amounting to a loss of original identity or a substitution of one thing for another. changed the shirt for a larger size alter implies a difference in some particular respect without suggesting loss of identity.. verb (used without object), var·ied, var·y·ing. to show diversity; be different: The age at which children are ready to read varies. to undergo change in appearance, form, substance, character, etc.: The landscape begins to vary as one drives south.. 5. (intr) to change in accordance with another variable: her mood varies with the weather; pressure varies directly with temperature and inversely with volume..

The nature of these ties must vary with the different problems of different areas. He was something to vary the monotony of the great solemn silence of our world.. vary definition: 1. If things of the same type vary, they are different from each other, and if you vary them, you cause them to be different from each other: 2. to change or cause something to change in amount or level, especially from one occasion to another: 3. to change in. vary between (someone and someone else) and vary between something and something else to fluctuate in choosing between people or things. In choosing a bridge partner, Sam varied between Tom and Wally. I varied between chocolate and vanilla cake for dessert. See also: vary vary between (something and something else) to fluctuate between one thing and.

to fluctuate over the range from something to something. The colors vary from red to orange. It varies from warm to very hot during the summer. To be different than something or someone; deviate from something or someone: The researchers determined that the behavior of. Definition of vary - differ in size, amount, degree, or nature from something else of the same general class. A. Sidney, this is the perfect time to start loosing weight. i'm guessing that this is the reason that your glucose levels are high. your Pancreas cells are doing a big effort in order to excrete insulin. i bet they started dying one by one because of that effort. loosing weight will save your Pancreas and you from insulin shots for the rest of your life..

Dec 05, 2018  · (transitive) To change with time or a similar parameter. He varies his magic tricks so as to minimize the possibility that any given audience member will see the same trick twice. Dryden We are to vary the customs according to the time and country where the scene of action lies.· (transitive) To institute a change in, from a current state.