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Yonder Cloud Catcher Chronicles Review, a Beautiful Game to Play



Yonder: Cloud Catcher Chronicles review

In this article can give you information about Yonder Cloud Catcher Chronicles Review. Yonder is located on a lush big island of Gemea, has 8 different milieus from tropical beaches to snow-capped peaks. Each milieu has its beautiful own flora and fauna with distinct seasons and a day-night cycle. On Yonder: Cloud Catcher Chronicles, you will find a beautiful landscape. 

When wandering the beautiful green hills and dark gloomy caves on this game, it is unbelievable that only three people developed the game. The weather patterns and distinct landscape are similar to an open world in Final Fantasy. Follow this article for best PS4 game like animal crossing, about Yonder Cloud Catcher Chronicles Review.

Little Details on Yonder: Cloud Catcher Chronicles

From article Yonder Cloud Catcher Chronicles Review, Yonder differs from the usual RPG by the playing system. Instead of directly fighting monsters, you will explore the land of Gemea. Then Meet little creatures named Sprites who will help you to repair Gemea. Collect materials and join some classes to pursue the main story quests. 

You will go to the beautiful island of Gemea by boat and enter a storm. Next, you will suddenly arrive at Fairmont with a compass. A few tools are ready for you, such as a cutting grass scythe and a breaking stone mallet.

Gemea is filled with kind residents who have had many troubles since the murk’s arrival. You are the hero who will explore Gemea to uncover its mysteries. Murk blocked off some areas (in purple) in this beautiful big land. 

You will need some Sprites to interact and clear the Murk up. You can find Sprites in the form of blue glows in rocks or shrines around the area. With Sprites, you can save all Gemea residents from the despair that Murk created. 

You can build relationships with the residents by crafting, farming, fishing, cooking, and brewing. As rewards, they will offer the resources to a new farm. Before playing, you should read this guide.  


By crafting, you can create your items to be used or sold. There are 8 crafting classes with each unique recipe. At the start, you will find the Wayfarer class. For the other 7 crafting classes, you need to find each respective Guild leader in various towns and complete their quest. 

You have to master a class to get access to the master tier recipe. After completing the class introduction, you will have to craft a worth of items. After that, you will get a reward of Master Badge for that class and also the appropriate recipes. 

Though the Wayfarer class does not have a master level of recipes, you will get all recipes while discovering quests. For the Master class, you will get all recipes after you learn the class. 

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Yonder Cloud Catcher Chronicles Review

You can obtain resources in Yonder: Cloud Catcher Chronicles by farming. Every region except Numino Peak and Crestfall Coast own farms. Then you must interact with the wooden board to get the quest. After compiling the materials, you need to interact with the board again to build the farm. 

1. Farm Locations

On your first time building a farm, you will learn the recipe to craft Traveler’s Knot. This one will allow you to travel quickly to any one of your farms. 

Firstly, you can find a 15×15 South Field Farm in Grassland. Minnie in Fairmont gives a quest to fix this one, so this is the first farm that you will get. You can learn some farming basics by interacting with Bushel. 

Secondly, there is Dapplewood Farm in Dapplewood Forest, a small plateau in front of Riverdrift Mill. It is the perfect location to keep animals as there is no other farm on the coast. After clearing the Murk with 8 Sprites, you can build this farm. 

Thirdly, you will go to Hearthwind Vale and find Hearthwind Farm (10×8). After clearing the Murk and fixing the bridge, you will get to Sage Stone. Then you go to the plateau through a small cave and build this farm. You will find it not so easy as it is so high. 

Fourthly, there is Radiant Farm in the Radiant Sands. You need to advance in the story quest to get to this 8×25 farm. 

Fifthly, you will find 12×20 Sunderwind Farm in the Sunderwind Wilds. It is located in the east mountains of Wimblewick. You can get there from Numino Peak, Dapplewood Forest, and Sunderwind Wilds. 

Lastly, there is Shivering Farm in the Shivering Plains. The size is 12×15 and it is located on the east of the Sage Stone. You can keep Numino Peak animals here because there is no farm in Numino. 

2. Farming Basics

To farming, you must place farming structures on the farm. You need small and large animal pens to adopt farm animals, also need tree plots and garden plots to grow trees and crops. You can place the structures on Yonder: Cloud Catcher Chronicles by interacting with the farm book.  

Each small and large animal pen can accommodate 1 small and large animal respectively. You can find animals in the wild and feed them. After they follow you, you can bring them to the farm.  

Animals, trees, and crops, automatically produce resources that are saved in the big red chest. You can remove animals and crops by interacting with the structures menu. You can also cut down trees and harvest crops by yourself. 

2. Farm Structures

You may place so many structures on the farm. You can then use them to grow trees and crops, produce resources, and accommodate animals. Each structure occupies a certain area on the farm, they cannot overlap. Here are the structures: plots, animal care, machines, totems, and decor.  

3. Farm Chest

You can use the big yellow chest on each farm as storage. You can access them from any farm as its contents are shared with all farms on Yonder: Cloud Catcher Chronicles. 

4. The Rating

Harvest amounts and production speed on Yonder: Cloud Catcher Chronicles will increase as the region’s happiness increases. There are 3 categories of farm rating systems: value produces, animal care, and cleanliness which you can maximize the ratings. 

You can raise the value produced rating by placing garden plots and fill them with seeds. By interacting and feeding your animals, you can also maximize the animal care rating. You can place a folder trough and water trough for each large animal or 2 small animals. 

For the cleanliness rating, you must clean your animals’ poop by yourself or hire a farmhand to do that thing. To convince the residents to work for you, you have to gain their friendship until 100% by offering them food. You can fire a farmhand by interacting with the Farm Book.

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You can learn to cook food that can be sold or used to feed farmhand in chef class. Jo Jo Cozinheiro as the leader of the Chef’s Guild in Mocha Bay, Crestfall Coast will teach you many recipes. 

For the first time, you will learn as a novice chef to cook easy foods, such as: oil, french fries, and dough. Then you will learn as a master chef to cook the difficult ones, such as: Sunday Roast, cheesecake, and pizza.   


You can chill and do fishing on Yonder: Cloud Catcher Chronicles. To do fishing at the lakes and rivers of Gemea, you need a fishing pole. You can get a free one from Theodore or trade for it with some traders. 

You can fish at any location where there is a popup with a Fishing Pole. Click the Fishing Pole and stand near the water to watch a quick tutorial for this mini-game. After that, press the action button to enter a fishing mini-game. 

When the fish bites, drag the bobber in the opposite way to reel it. After you pull out the fish, its size and name will appear. There are 17 distinct fish that you can get in Gemea, such as: old soggy boot, lucky golden fish, and lucky rainbow fish. 


You can brew some shampoos and dyes to improve the character’s look on Yonder: Cloud Catcher Chronicles.  Qu The Colorful, the leader of the Brewers Guild in Inglenook, The Shivering Plains will teach you to be a master brewer.

You will learn as a novice brewer who brews the novice ones, such as: white dye, yellow dye, and black shampoo. Then you will become a master brewer who brews the difficult ones, such as: green firework, brown shampoo, and copper shampoo. 

It is fun to discover and adopt new animals for your farm by offering them food. You will also be able to breed animals that are so adorable.

The musical score is also great, especially the haunting vocals. Even though its human voice is a little unusual, the animals’ and Sprites’ voices are also so cute. This can bring you into that game so deeply and forget your real world for a while.  

The core of this game is crafting elements, you will not feel in a rush. You can chill and find your bearings slowly. The light will also slowly come when you walk in the dark. 

If you love to farm and explore something new with interesting stories, then Yonder: Cloud Catcher Chronicles is perfect for you. Here you will find breath-taking views, great mythical creatures, and brilliant quests. Have fun and good luck with playing this funny and beautiful game

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Slime Rancher Review, the Cutest Game Ever!



Slime Rancher Review - The Story of Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher Review – One of the cutest games that you have to try as a gamer is Slime Rancher. The game has so many unique characters. Slime Rancher is an adventure game that stimulates someone’s life on a planet. The game invites players to start the adventure in their new life.

The thing that makes Slime Rancher the cutest one because there are so many cute characters of slimes there. The slimes as livestock have two colors, pink and silver. Then the appearance of slimes is cute too. The pink slimes are like a doll and the grey slime are like a cat. And this game is the one of best ps4 game like anime crossing.

The players who play Slime Rancher will get interested in the game. The first time they play the game, the gamers will feel addicted because of the cute character of the game. The Slime Rancher can make the player feel enjoy playing the game. So that’s worth it if Slime Rancher, the cutest game ever.

Slime Rancher Review – The Story of Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher Review - The Story of Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher is a video game classified as an adventure game that was launched in January 2016. The creator of the game is Nick Popovich and Mike Thomas. They are the mates who build a company together, named Monomi Park Studio. They created the Slime Rancher game about two years before launching.

Then after their creation was finished and ready to publish, they did cooperate with Harry Mack as a composer and Unity as an engine. On August 1, 2017, they released the Slime Rancher officially to the public. In May 2017, the game had sold about 800,000 copies.

Not only that, in May 2017, the Slime Rancher was successful in catching the interest of the gamers. The game has sold about 2 million copies. So many gamers want to try playing the game. They get interested in it because the game is quite cute. It makes the gamers feel entertaining.

The Slime Rancher got good reviews from the gamers who have played it. They give the score about 4.4 out of 5 stars. The gamers said that the game is fun and it looks great to play. Almost all of the reviews from the gamers give a good comment.

Besides, when the game released in full version, the Slime Rancher game got 81/100 on Metacritic. The reviews said that the game was enjoyable and the adventure in the game gave the challenge to them. Then the gamers felt that the game gave the simulation of life like in real life.

Because of the good reviews, the Slime Rancher game has been successful as a nomination for some awards. The awards were the National Academy Video Game Trade Reviews Awards as Game Originals Action 2018, and the 14th British Academy Games Awards as Debut Game category 2018.

Slime Rancher Review The Gameplay

The Slime Rancher is one of the adventure video games in an open world. The gamers will play the game with a character named Beatrix LeBeau. The gamers will control Beatrix LeBaue who is a rancher. Beatrix moves to the other planet that far away from earth and the planet’s name is Far Far Range.

Then, In Far Far Range Beatrix as a girl will start a new life as a rancher of slime. Beatrix has to find the slime there. Next, Betrix will collect all the slimes. Then Beatrix will raise the slimes, give them a feed, and bread it.

It’s not easy to raise the slimes because the slimes are a mucous organism living in the Far Far Range. The slimes have various sizes and characteristics. They also eat different feeds. Some slimes can eat all kinds of food but the other slimes cannot.

Besides, Beatrix has to keep the slimes goodly by feeding them the food regularly. Beatrix does not let the slime feel starving, because the slimes will change to be bad slimes that are more aggressive. Then, the slimes have to eat the appropriate food to make them not become wild.

To collect the slimes and their food, there is a tool called Vacpack. The vacpack working is the same as a vacuum. The vac pack will suck the slimes and the food then bring them to a cage. All the activities have to be done well by Beatrix in order to get a “Plort” later.

The plort is like a coin and it will earn money after the rancher changes it to Plot Market there. Then for each Slime, they produce plort in different quantities and it makes the slime have a different profit. The grey slimes produce more plorts than the pink slimes.

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The Cute Characters of Slimes in Slime Rancher Game

All the gamers are interested to pay for the Slime Rancher game because the game has cute slimes. So it makes the gamers enjoy playing the game and they become addicted. The slimes have some colors and the appearance of the slimes is like a cute doll.

There are three kinds of slimes that have different characteristics and appearances. The first slimes with the cutest appearance is the docile slimes, the second slimes with a quite angry face named harmful slime, and the last slimes with the bad face named hostile.

For the Docile Slimes, they are Pink Slime, Tabby Slime, Honey Slime, Phosphor Slime, Puddle Slime, Saber Slime, Tangle Slime, Quantum Slime, Dervish Slime, and Hunter Slime. All of the Docile Slimes have fun characteristics and cute appearances. They have a smiling face that makes the players pleasant when gaming.

For the Harmful Slimes, they are Rock Slimes, Mosaic Slime, Crystal Slime, Boom Slime, Rad Slime, and Fire Slime. These slimes still have a cute face but they are quite wild. Actually, the slimes are tame before, but they eat not appropriate food that makes them become harmful slimes.

For the Hostile Slimes, they are Feral Slime and The Tarr. These two slimes are so wild. Because they will attack and harm the gamers at any time actively. Not to mention, hey have a scary face and they are like Angry Birds characters. They will never give up trying to attack you and hurt you.

In addition, there are special slimes in the Slime Rancher game.  They are Glitch Slime, Quicksilver Slime, Gold Slime, Largo Slime, Lucky Slime, Twinkle Slime, Gordo Slime, and Party Slime. If we give the food and appropriate food the slime will become a special slime that gives more plorts to gamers.

The Fun and Benefits Things in Playing the Slime Rancher Game

As we know the Slime rancher Game, the cutest game ever that makes the gamers feel comfortable and having fun in playing the game. The game provides cute characters full of colors that make the gamers can’t move from the game and they feel at home in gaming.

Then, the game is an adventure game in the strangest that makes the gamers feel curious to play that. The story of the rancher who was stranded out from the earth in thousand light years is full of challenges. It will make the gamers standing on the alien planet in real.

Next for the life stimulation of the Slime Rancher game makes the gamers try harder to set and manage the strategy in starting the new life in gaming. The gamers should have the creativity and good management in keeping the livestock to make them breeding well. So the livestock can earn money.

And then, the gamers will have experience and skill in managing the economy in playing the game. They can do stimulation of improvement and develop the economy of the Beatrix who is a new rancher. So the gamers will command Beatrix to have good management to earn money.

The other benefit of playing the Slime Rancher game is all the genres can play the game. Starting from the kids to the adult, they have a choice to play the game. It is because the game contains the cute character without any sensitive pictures or actions. So this game suitable ps4 games for kids.

All of the characteristics of the game make the gamers happy. The game is not boring and hard to play. The game looks like a cartoon movie that makes the gamers can play the game for a long time and they will not move from the game.

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So the Slime Rancher game is amazing. The gamers have to try the game because the game is full of cute characters slime there. It is one of the best video games that show unique characters. All the gamers who played the game feel satisfied with it.

The Slime Rancher can be a choice to waste time in leisure time. It will give entertainment and increase the mood of the player because there are some cute characters. The gamers will not regret playing it. Instead, they will feel addicted to playing more.

Even the game has harmful and hostile slimes that have a bad face, but they still look like cute slimes. It cannot diminish the cute and unique characters of the slimes in the game. The game still became an enjoyable game. So the Slime Rancher, the cutest game ever is worthy and the gamers have to try to play it!

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All about The Sims 4 You Should Know



the Sims 4

The sims is a Life-Simulation game that became a serial-game for 4 Series. Electronic Arts as the publisher announces the release of this game on 6 Mei 2013. The Sims 4 itself was released for the North American region on 2 September 2014 (for Windows operating system & 17 February for X Os).

There are eight packages for the game, and sixteen packages for the things that were released to complete the player experience in playing. Nevertheless, The Sims has accepted a lot of reviews since the release with the main criticism to the lack of content in The Sims 4.

The Development of The Sims 4 Game

On 3rd May 2013, There was an email from the publisher of this game to several fansites to tell that there will be a big announcement on 6 May 2013, related to The Sims 4.

On 20th August 2013, the mechanism and the demonstration of  The Sims 4 were introduced at the Gamescom event. The explanation about the “Create-a-sim” feature in-game, which is the feature for the players to create the unique character easily.

The Developer also announces that The Sims 4 also will be able to be played on the low specs computer, as an update from the former game “The Sims 3” problem. The Sims 4 was developed by The Sims Studio and Maxis.

The Sims 4 will be a single-player game and the players also don’t need an internet connection to play this game. This game has been divided into 2 versions, such as The Sims 4 Limited Edition & The Sims 4 Digital Deluxe. The player just needs a computer with a 1.80 GHz minimal processor to play this game with a higher graphic. The Sims 4 is the one of best ps4 game like animal crossing.

How To Play The Sims 4

How To Play The Sims 4

As we know, The Sims 4 is a life-simulation game. In this game, the player will create their character called “Sims”, the player also will create this “Sims” family, jobs, personality & make “sims” to get interact with the other characters.  Here are several ways to play The Sims 4, for beginners ;

1.  Setting The Game

On the home screen, there will be an “Option” menu, if this is the first time you play The Sims 4, you can click on the “Game Lesson” to see the basic lesson of this game. They’re also a “Game Option” that you can use to set the graphic and the display.

2.  Start The Game

After making your settings, you can go back to the home screen and click the “Start” button to start your game. For the first time, You have to create your “Sims” character with the clothes, their appearance, and their personality. This create-a-sim menu has been updated in this version. Now, you already get a lot of options to customize the sim’s appearance and personality.

You also have to give a name to their character in the column “Hello, my name is…”, Then, choose their gender (male or female), the ages of the characters (toddler, child, teens, young adult, adult, and the elder), the character’s walk style, and the most important is the character personality. 

Under the age and gender panels, you will see many hexagons on a different screen. On that hexagon, you can add the aspiration (the sim’s goals), like love, fortune, and trait (Cheerful & Lazy).  All of these traits make the sim’s character have unique personalities. An adult sim can have 3 traits and 1 additional goal from their aspiration. A teenager sim only has 2 traits & toddler sims only have 1 trait. 

This game also gives the player freedom for their player to customize a specific body for a character, like an eyebrow and the lips of the character.

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3.  Choosing The Home World

After creating your character, You will choose your “Home World”. Homeworld is the place for Sim to live, The sims 4 offers a lot of unique Home World. After creating a Sim, you can put it on the Home World.

The Sims has 3 Home Worlds: Willow Creek, Springs, And Newcrest. Now, you can play a few of The Sims 4 expansions packages now Home World. You can play using your Home World after you click the “Home World” button.

After entering the Home World, you have to put your character into the available home or buy the new land to make your home. Every family on The Sims has 20.000 – 34.000 simoleons (the currency of The Sims), depending on the amount of the family.

4.  Build The Home

After having a home, You can edit your home by opening the Build Mode icon at the top of the right bar. You will see a lot of options and tools to build your dream house. If you never construct a house in The Sims there is a pop-up window containing the tutorial that will help you.

5.  Play The “Sim” Characters

After putting The Sim family into the home, you can click on the play button to make The Simwalk. There will be a small icon at the bottom of the screen to give you information about the sim.  You also will see the small box containing the sim’s character’s face. By clicking that button will allow you to control the chosen sim.

6.  Get Interact With The Other Sim Characters. 

To interact with the other sim, click on The Simchat you want to do the interaction. Click one of the balloon’s text icons to command your sim to interact with the other sim. The different interactions to the other sim will affect your sim emotions. The Sims 4 has several feelings, such as confident, bored, happy, energized, flirty, etc. The feelings can influence The Sim to interact with the other sims.

In The Sims 4, the players can do multitasking. For example, The character can eat while talking with the other sims when it sits and stands. In the previous version of The Sims, the character can’t do this multitasking. 

7.  Getting To Know About Jobs In “Sim” World

The sim characters need simoleon (Currency in The Sims game) to buy anything. That’s why The Sims character needs to do a job and travel. To get money, you must have the “Get To Work” expansion pack. If you don’t have this pack, you can’t control your sim character to work. You also can get money by taking the benefits from The Simhobby and ability, like selling the painting or writing a book. 

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Additional Tips In Playing The Sims 4

If you are new to playing The Sims 4, maybe this post will help you to know about the basic rule and some additional tips to improve your gameplay. These tricks usually used to be played by a lot of “old” Sims players, so maybe this will help you in your in-game gameplay. 

  • After creating the sim, you can’t edit The Sim character. Especially,  if the players are using the cheat code
  • If you are the new player of The Sims, then you should make one or two sims characters. Taking control of many sims at the same time also will make it hard for your Sim character to reach their goals or dreams.
  • In The Sims 4, The Sim character can die because of emotion. Avoid making The Simangry, afraid, and hysterical. You also don’t let The Sim get tired, because your character will die because of it.
  • If you are playing The Sims 4 on a laptop, then Turn on Laptop mode in the settings menu to lower the graphic. Also, make sure the game can be played well.

Tricks In Playing The Sims 4

This game has a lot of interesting content so the players will take advantage of these in-game tricks. By using these tricks, the player also will know much interesting gameplay that they can apply in their experience of playing this game. Here are 5 Tricks that you need to improve your in-game experience, such as :

1.  Traits Are Important To The Sims Gameplay

The traits will affect the character’s life character. Because the players should choose a good trait to encourage a good mood. Some good traits are active, self-assured, ambitious, and romantic.  

2. Don’t Waste A Character’s Good Mood

It will be easy to take a rest, while the player’s sim does whatever they want in their good mood. use this to raise skill points or confidence level because this does not only boost the character’s mood but also will make the player leveling up the game area easily.

3. Hotkeys In Build Mode Make Everything Easier

The use of these hotkeys makes the building process much easier and prevents players from clicking the screen and wasting time looking for the build buttons. This also will make the build mode run smoother or easy to do.

4. Taking Advantage Of Multitasking

A little bit different from the previous version, In The Sims 4, it is hard to do multitasking in a character. But, in This game, All of these multiple tasks will be easier to do by using many commands. The Sims 4 is also a smarter game and the realism of this game will make the player experience easier gameplay than the previous version game. 

5.  Saving A Hard Copy Of The Player’s Progress.

All of the game systems work the same, that you have to save a hard copy of your files so the files will be saved on the console system of your game. Then, to save The Sims data, you need to have space on your disk, if you already have this, you can go and transfer all of your files. Because the files will be saved on Document/ElectronicArts/TheSims4aves.

The Sims 4 is a good Life-Simulation game. Thus, you also can play this game on PC, Mac, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. You can play this game to spend your free time because this game is fun with an interesting storyline.

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My Time at Portia Review – Harvesting & a Working Game



My Time at Portia Review

My Time at Portia Review – A modern version of Harvest Moon is the best description to describe the game My Time at Portia. Well, at least this is what people will think when they first see the cover of the game and read the description. In this game, people will have to craft to get their money, which will lead to winning the game.

However, is this a game that can substitute for Harvest Moon? And can it beat Stardew Valley that is quite popular these days? Well, to answer these questions it is best to know about the game. Let’s check out the features available on the game and how you play it.

Introduction About My Time at Portia

Well, first, this is an RPG simulation game that is developed by Pathea Games. Just like its name, this game takes place in Portia where it is still in the post-apocalyptic era. Because it is set in a different era, players will be supported with limited equipment. So, don’t expect to have a modern setting for the field and your house.

However, this is one interesting point from this game. You will be starting your life in this game from zero. But then you can develop your town by growing crops, raising animals to be friends with the people around.

Through this process, you can also discover new mysteries and challenges that will develop the town. This game is on our “Best PS4 Games Like Animal Crossing” list.

My Time at Portia Review – Why is this game worth playing?

Some may be asking what the difference between this game and games is alike like Animal Crossing or Dark Cloud 2. Overall, they have the same concept, however, My Time at Portia is a bit more interesting because it has many features and stories. To help you out, here are some reasons why this game is very interesting:

1. Interesting Story Plot

One of the main interesting points that many people like is the story plot of the game. It takes place in a different era that not many people are even aware of. The life that is simulated in this game is after doomsday, therefore there are not many people available. The equipment that they receive are also leftovers from people before, so there aren’t many available.

Overall, when you play this game, you are like living in a new world. You will need to build things and develop the town. It is like the simulation of real-life; however, this is made in a game where you can use your imagination.

2. Various & Fun Characters

Another great thing about the game is there are many characters you can choose from. With various characters, you can also make the story for them. You can choose from small kids to adults that will be working in the field. For the adults, you can also make partners for them.

In this game, you don’t only get to choose the characters but also create them how you like. You can start from the hair to their body shapes and fashion.

3. A mystery Game

My Time at Portia also provides a mystery game throughout the process. So, not only will you be harvesting but you’ll also need to solve some of the mysteries hidden. Each player will be given an old book that has the secrets to the town.

By solving each mystery, players will get an advantage that can be formed in many things. Some of the most advantages are made in equipment that will help players to develop their town. So, the more you solve the mysteries the more advantage you will get.

4. Different Ways of Crafting

One of the main differences between this game with Harvest Moon is the way you craft. If in Harvest Moon you focus more on how to gather the ingredient, well here it is different. Rather than just gathering the ingredient, the player must also focus on how to grow their harvest. So, players will start from gathering all the needs to creating it until it grows.

5. Work to Earn Some Money

Many people say that playing this game is like simulating real life. Because other than developing the town, players must also work to gain money. With this money, players can buy their daily needs and equipment to develop the town.

There are many jobs available in the town from creating objects to delivering orders. You can choose other jobs only when you have finished the first one. Now, the more work you do will not only make you rich. But completing jobs will also help you earn more points. The points can be used to add your relationship with the people in your town.

6. Fighting Game

Not like many other harvesting games, My Time at Portia also has some fighting rounds with some monsters. However, don’t expect too much of the fighting because it is made simple and easy. All you need to do to fight the monster is by clicking one button. Overall it does seem very easy but if you don’t have the skills you can lose against the monsters.

If you don’t fight against the monster, then they will destroy your town. When this happens, you must fight it as fast as possible so that the down can stand back again. So, prepare to fight when the monsters come.

Tips & Tricks to Apply

Even though My Time at Portia isn’t a hard game, some tips and tricks will be helpful. By knowing some of these tricks, you can develop your town faster and get richer. So, for those who need some help, here are some tips and tricks to try:

1. Mission Priority

When you start playing the game, there will be many missions that you will need to do. Not all missions have limited time and give you a bonus, so take your time. Check which mission is important and give you some advantage. Therefore, you don’t need to finish all missions and tasks at one time.

An example of a task that will give some advantage is finishing a commission. The faster you finish, the better reputation you will get. This will help you in the future and get you more customers and jobs. Therefore, you can get rich faster than other people.

2. Gathering

A simple yet important trick that players must try is to do some gathering. In the game, there will be gathering activities where you’ll need to cut trees or clean the town. Most players don’t like joining these kinds of activities because it is boring. However, doing some gathering can help you collect some rewards and EXP. These will be helpful to step up your level in the game.

3. Increase Backpack Slot

At the beginning of the game, every player will get a backpack with 16 inventory slots. This may seem a lot but once you have more activities, this slot will be full quickly. Therefore, it is important to add as many slots in the beginning so you can do many activities at once. Players can get a maximum of 120 slots in each backpack.

3. Upgrade the Tools & Equipment

Other than upgrading your inventory slot, don’t forget to upgrade your tools as well. Having upgraded and modern tools will help you gather natural resources faster and easier. To upgrade the tools, you’ll need to collect some bronze bars.

4. Collect Some Poops

Just like in real life, the poops from the animals can help your harvest grow faster and better. Collect the poops that are around the farm as a fertilizer for your harvest. This way, you can save some money and get a good and healthy harvest.

5. Raise Animals

Another way to save some money but also develop the town is by raising some animals of your own. Once they are matured, they will produce daily items such as meat and milk. You can use these items for yourself or sell them to people around you.

Conclusion of My Time at Portia

Overall, My Time at Portia is not exactly like Harvest Moon. This game doesn’t only contain harvesting activities, but also other activities such as gathering and working. Therefore, it is a fun game to play and you won’t get bored easily especially with some surprising mysteries.

However, for some people that don’t like too many activities, this game can be too complicated, especially in the beginning. There will be many things that need to be done and equipment to be identified. If you’re not a fan of these activities, then it is not that recommended.

Another minor part of the game is it doesn’t support multiplayer. It also doesn’t support online gameplay in the sequel, so it is a bit of a throwback. However, Pathea Games is hoping to develop these minors soon.

On the other hand, those who like the game can install the game on their handphone for both Android and iOS. Therefore, players can play anywhere and anytime they like. But those who don’t like small screens can also install the game on their PC.

So, if you’re looking for a simple and adventuring game, try downloading and installing My Time at Portia. With the long plot, you won’t have to worry about the game-ending soon. And with some additional twists in the game, you’ll do more than just harvesting.

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