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Uncategorized is Probably Viral Marketing, So Shut Up and Quit Freaking Out About Him…



ThisMan-org is Probably Viral Marketing

Ever dream this man? If you say yes, you’re probably lying or in on the joke. Or you are easily influenced. Something. Because if the mysterious website isn’t a viral marketing campaign of some sort, I’ll eat Dinty Moore Beef Stew again, and I haven’t eaten that crap since the Dinty Moore Incident of 1975, which laid my entire family low for a day or so. is a website that’s been slowly but surely making it into tweets and blog posts all across the Web. Just tonight auteur of awkwardness Tim Heidecker (the “Tim” in Tim & Eric Awesome Show: Great Jobre-tweeted someone else’s link to the site and said it was “Scaring the shit outta” him.

And that’s a typical reaction to, because of the beetle-browed visage you see above. It’s just weird. Theories about “This Man” as found on the site certainly add to the surreal feeling. Here’s just one supposed (alleged, apparent) theory about “This Man”:

It is the most interesting theory and the one that has the greatest implications, but it has also the lowest scientific credibility. According to this theory this man is a real person, who can enter people’s dreams by means of specific psychological skills. Some believe that in real life this man looks like the man in the dreams. Others think that the man in the dreams looks completely different from his real life counterpart. Some people seem to believe that behind this man there is a mental conditioning plan developed by a major corporation.

Creepy shit.

All this really means that Italian “guerrilla marketer” Andrea Natella is pretty good at what he does, except for that whole private domain registration thingy. Because Natella is the guy who registered the site on January 24, 2009. And Andrea Natella doesn’t hide what he does from the curious surfer who learns his name.

He’s a “sociologist specializing in marketing” and once wrote an article about the “origins of the subversive use of the hoax in Italy.” He runs, where he defines “Guerrilla Marketing” as “a set of non-conventional communication techniques that achieves maximum visibility with minimum investment.” Natella also states on his site that the “memetic virus can replicate itself in the minds of consumers.”

You know, like a slightly creepy-looking sketch of a dude on a website with all sorts of implied, strange backstory. Like

There’s a bit of entertainment value in being creeped-out by such things until you realize that not only is the effort completely calculated in nature, but the person behind it (the “Calculator,” I guess) is also actively using you to further the “memetic virus” of his product, whatever it is. Not only that, he’s achieving “maximum visibility” and all he’s doing is running a website with a page where you can download fliers about “This Man” in a wide variety of languages. Fliers that are apparently in use the world over.

That may not change the entertainment value for some people, I know, but for me, it’s almost like Dinty Moore all over again, man. I enjoyed the hell out of that stew with the big thumbprint on the can the night I ate it, all those years ago, but after the horrific, Exorcist-esque denouement of what that beef stew did to my family 7 hours later, I could never even look at giant thumbprints on cans of stew again. With “This Man” I was entertained and briefly intrigued, but a few hours and a tweeted link later I realized I’d just been used to transport some sort of virus or parasite and I felt hollowed out, wasted and a little disgusted.

(Okay, I’m stretching, but work with me…)

I’m not sure as to what “This Man” is selling. In fact, he may just be an experiment meant to act as proof-of-concept for Andrea Natella’s expressed theories. Whichever the case, I don’t feel like buying, traveling the maze, puking up the stew, none of it. Finito, fratello.

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What Are American Blackjack Rules and How to Win 2021



American Blackjack rules

Are you curious about American Blackjack rules? Well, Blackjack is the most popular card game in casinos, and there are several variations to select from. You’ll find American Blackjack tables whether you play online or in a brick-and-mortar casino. 

What differentiates American Blackjack from other variations? Is it a worthy use of your time and money? Let’s figure it out.

What Inside in American Blackjack?

The Blackjack odds are affected by a combination of factors. It all starts with the amount of decks used, Blackjack payouts, and when the dealer stands regulations, among other things.

The way the cards are dealt also makes a difference. When the dealer is dealt an Ace or a 10-value card face up, they can check their second card to verify if it is a natural (a two-card hand of 21 points in value).

If it does, you lose your wager before deciding whether to hit or stand on your dealt cards, unless you have a natural Blackjack.

If it doesn’t, the game continues normally. The dealer, on the other hand, would not have a card to peep at in a European Blackjack table.

You’d make your move, likely double down and increase your bet, only to lose due to the dealer’s inherent nature. Although many factors influence the house edge, American Blackjack tables normally have a house edge of 0.31-0.35 percent.

The American Blackjack Rules

The player picks whatever boxes he wants to wager on and places his stakes before the cards are played. 

The minimum and maximum bets are clearly marked on the table. In addition to the standard wager, the player can place a bonus wager. There are two types of bonus bets: Blackjack and sevens.

To place a wager, you must first select a chip with the desired face value. The chip with the lowest face value is chosen by defaults at the start of a game, and the chip with the smallest face value fixes itself to the cursor. 

If a player wants a chip with a different face value, he can choose it with the cursor by clicking on it. 

The value of the chip can also be changed by using the mouse’s scroll wheel. After choosing a chip, the player can put a wager by clicking on the desired location of the game table, where his wager will be shown.

To clear all bets from the table, press the “Clear” button. The player can hit the “Reset” button to repeat his bets from the previous hand. After all bets have been placed, press the “Deal” button to start the game.

How to Win in American Blackjack?

The game of American Blackjack is no exception. You can see your cards and the dealer’s face-up card whether you’re playing American or European Blackjack.

It is sufficient to base your actions on the core approach. More information on the basic approach can be found here, as well as a pdf of a downloadable basic strategy chart. Card counting is another way to improve your chances of winning at Blackjack.

It’s a lot easier to learn than it appears, and you can do it like a pro with the help of this card counting instruction. Card counters, on the other hand, may choose alternative Blackjack variations.

In online American Blackjack, the dealer can utilize up to eight decks of cards at once. Only two decks of cards are used in European Blackjack, whereas only one deck is used in Classic Blackjack. It’s easier to count cards when there are fewer decks. Especially if you’re new to the game.

You already know about American Blackjack rules and how to win. Finally, you can play for real money because it is the best game. It won’t be long before you realize why once you begin playing American Blackjack. You can also try it in some Mexican Casinos.

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7 Best Solaire Resort and Casino Events That You Don’t Know



Solaire Resort and Casino events

Hm, what are the types of Solaire Resort and Casino events? Well, before exploring that question, on an 8.3-hectare property in Manila, Philippines, its place is a USD $1.0 billion integrated destination resort. 

Solaire is the country’s first and premier integrated resort, with a beautiful view of the famous Manila Bay sunset. It is one of four participants in the 120-hectare Entertainment City, which is poised to emulate the success of integrated resorts in Macau, Singapore, and Las Vegas.

It is conveniently located near international and domestic airports, as well as the SM Mall of Asia Complex, which houses the Philippines’ largest mall, concert arena, and convention center, leisure and business hubs like Makati and Bonifacio Global City; and key historical and cultural landmarks like Rizal Park and Intramuros, a relic of Manila’s old walled city during the Spanish era.

Best Solaire Resort and Casino Events

All of Solaire’s function rooms provide cutting-edge video technology and conference facilities, as well as delectable meal options and customizable corporate meeting packages to fit your needs. They also have plenty of parking places and free Wi-Fi for their visitors.

However, what are the events that you can celebrate there? Discover it below here!. 

1. The Poolside Event

The possibilities are limitless at the Solaire Poolside, whether you want to organize a magnificent cocktail party or host a laid-back outdoor BBQ. 

This exquisite hideaway, which can accommodate up to 420 people, is meant to satisfy and amaze even the most discerning visitor. Let us complement the style of your event with elegant ambiance, a unique culinary experience, and the warmth of five star service.

2. The Theatre

Prepare to be amazed by your time at The Theatre. With 1,740 prime seating sections and a Constellation Acoustic System-equipped audio system, sit back, relax, and enjoy. All you have to do now is choose. 

Award-winning shows, enthralling musicals, and concerts are all available for your enjoyment at their world-class theater. At Solaire Resort, your search for the best entertainment venue comes to an end.

3. The Forums

Meetings can also be entertaining and effective if the environment inspires you. At Solaire Resort & Casino, you’ll find the ideal location for all of your needs. 

The Forum also has 8 more meeting rooms and 2 boardrooms, as well as banquet and catering services. Plan your next corporate meeting or event with us and take advantage of their vast facilities and cutting-edge technology.

4. Corporate Event

Discover cozy, opulent, and modern conference and business event venues. You can experience a distraction-free setting with an extreme attention to detail for everything from high-profile and large-scale galas to corporate meetings. 

Finally, their uncompromising service and unrivaled food selection make Solaire Resort & Casino ideal for any corporate event.

5. Seminars and Conference

Solaire Resort and Casino’s state-of-the-art equipment, delicious cuisine options, and large suites make it the ideal location for conventions and seminars. Book a room for your next event now at this world-class location that will undoubtedly please all visitors.

6. Meetings and Forums

Take a break from your usual workspace and schedule your next meeting there. As we establish a distraction-free and productive workplace, achieve all of your goals. Choose from a variety of function rooms to meet your specific needs.

7. The Celebrations

Solaire can help you turn ordinary moments into unforgettable memories. Allow them to provide a touch of timeless elegance, a gastronomic experience unlike any other, and a feeling of five-star Filipino hospitality to your gatherings.

From small meetings to large festivities, their unrivaled event spaces adapt to your needs and preferences, providing the ideal atmosphere for your special day. Furthermore, their world-class culinary crew leaves a lasting impression with sophisticated foods that complement the theme of your event.

The hotel is oozing with luxury, with modern amenities that exceed expectations and beautiful vistas that leave tourists stunned.Then, that is seven Solaire Resort and Casino events that you can make if you have a purpose besides gambling in Casino Manila. They will serve you the best of them which can fulfill your desires.

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4 Amazing Things You Should Know in Okada Manila Resort



Okada Manila Resort

Hey, you know, you can book a fast weekend staycation at Okada Manila Resort, a Forbes five-star rated integrated resort, after being locked in the house during the various quarantine periods and not being allowed to travel for quite some time.

Okada Manila is one of the biggest and nicest hotels in Manila’s Entertainment City, regarded as one of Metro Manila’s leading integrated hotels and casinos in Manila

It is just minutes away from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, SM Mall of Asia, Cultural Center of the Philippines, and other commercial and business facilities, all of which are set against the world-famous sunsets of Manila Bay. 

Its central location makes it convenient to a wide range of shopping, dining, recreation, and the city’s most popular attractions.

What Is Inside in Okada Manila Resort?

You will most likely be stunning when you enter the suite. It’s enormous and luxurious! It offers a wonderful living room with a sofa, television, and desk. 

It’s positioned against a large glass window with a good view of the surroundings. The kitchenette and eating area are located on one side of the living room. During your stay, you can have your meals here or enjoy some complementary coffee or tea.

The guestroom is also very spacious and luxuriously equipped. It features a wonderful and comfortable king-size bed with high-quality white sheets, a thick duvet, and fluffy pillows. There’s also a walk-in closet with plenty of storage space and a flat-screen smart TV with local and international cable channels. 

You can also connect to the internet and access your Netflix account. Isn’t that amazing? You’ll enjoy it as well! It’s immaculate and well-kept.

The Digi Valet Service in Okada Manila

The state-of-the-art Digivalet Service at Okada Manila will be your favorite feature. It’s an iPad device that you can use to manage practically everything in the room from inside the room. 

This amazing touchscreen genie serves as a control panel for the room’s amenities, including adjusting the temperature of the air conditioning unit, opening and closing the shutters, turning on and off the lights, choosing what to watch on the television, ordering food from the hotel’s food outlets, and much more. 

It’s one of the nicest aspects of Okada Manila’s guest rooms, and it’ll ensure that your stay is one to remember.

The Pool Area 

The Okada Manila exudes a resort-like atmosphere in the heart of the city, with a luxurious tropical vibe that the whole family will love. 

What sets Okada Manila distinct from other 5-star hotels, where you’ll discover lush accommodations and excellent service, is their extensive list of exquisite hotel amenities and facilities. 

You can spend your day relaxing by the pool and taking in the beautiful view of Manila Bay while sipping a drink from the Pool Bar.

Gaming in Okada Manila

Its place has a big gaming room with over 3000 electronic games and 500 live table games to choose from. With 70 gaming tables connected to an Asian progressive jackpot system, the gaming tables are one-of-a-kind.

The casino offers a wide range of electronic games with large progressive payouts. Video slots, video poker, electronic craps, electronic blackjack, Big Wheel, electronic roulette, and many other electronic games are available. 

Soon after its establishment, Okada received a state-of-the-art, 84-seat stadium dedicated just to electronic games. This new location, designed by Interblock Gaming, takes the casino to new heights.

The 3 Card Poker with progressive jackpot, Pai Gow Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Samurai War, Craps, and Let It Ride are among the live table games available.At the end of Okada Manila Resort, visitors can experience an indoor beach and water activities beneath the distinctive golden dome. The one-of-a-kind attraction can hold up to 4,500 people.

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