Lucky Lightning Slot Review: Perfect Slot to Know



Before discussing about Lucky Lightning Slot review, there are thousands of online slot games out there. The possibility of finding the right one is much easier nowadays. You can almost find a slot game immediately. 

But do not settle for a normal or casual slot game. Instead, try to find the best one out there. Today we are going to talk about one of the fast-paced action slot games. Lucky Lightning is a trending slot right now and one of the best win rate slot game

Players will get a good experience with the Pragmatic Play slot game. This game is actually created in combination and collaboration with Wild Streak Gaming. Hence the quality of this one slot game doesn’t have to be questioned anymore.

Lucky Lightning Slot Review

Themes in Lucky Lightning Slot

Lucky Lightning has symbols exactly as the name of the theme. The game is all filled with many thunderbolts, lightning, and etc. Lightning bolts is the ultimate jackpot that you can get in this game. The combination can reach up to hundreds of multipliers. After that, you cannot get the same type of symbol multiple times.

Lucky Lightning game is a 5 reel game. Looking lightning is a slot game that is necessary with the most fence. If you’re a new player then you might not want to immediately place real money bets. This demo slot picture cannot be found in many types of other slot games. 

This is one of the specialty of pragmatic play slot games. In order for you to try the demo slot then you need to register an account. Players who have made an account could then start playing almost instantly. You can start playing by finding the demo slot feature.

After that feel free to place the amount that you want. Players will be given an imaginary or fake credit. Using this you can bet as much as you want to.

Free Spins in Lucky Lightning

Lucky lightning will give you only one type of free spin combination. This free spin combination can be used when you gamble and get the mini lightning bolts. Mini lightning bolts can directly be seen and you can almost make profit out of it.

Free spins are always available if you are looking for it. We suggest that players constantly look for bonuses because they are not always displayed. Some bonuses even come in the form of promo codes. So you never really know what you are getting unless you look for it.

Themes and Animation in  Lucky Lightning

Lucky Lightning slot review is going to talk about the themes and animation. Animation of Lucky Lightning is not really natural because they incorporate gold and thunder. The game may seem like it sounds modern. Actually, this game uses an adaptation of Greek mythology. 

That is why there is the name lucky lightning. This also refers to the Greek deities, temples, as well as Gods like Zeus. There are dozens of different sound effects. Slot games have to be filled with many different sound effects in order for it to be entertaining one. 

There are also additional sound effects of when a player gets the different symbols. After that, the lightning bolts will come with the lightning strike animation. Players have a chance of hitting the mega jackpot. 

This is the ultimate prize that you can get when playing online slots. After that, players will see mythical creatures straight out of a Hollywood movie.

Cross Platform Availability of Lucky Lightning

Lucky Lightning is considered as an entertaining game to play not just in laptops. Now players can play everywhere. You can access this game from many other platforms. 

To access this game from Pragmatic Play, then you need to find  the app for a specific casino. And then download it or access it through your tablet’s browser. This is one of the star features of Lucky Lightning. Now anyone can play everywhere with a portable gadget.

Maximum and Minimum Bets in Lucky Lightning Strike

The game allows a minimum bet of around 25 cents up to 125 dollars in one spin. The maximum amount of money that you can bet is not that much. And the minimum of the game itself is already very low. That is why people call this game a highly volatile video slot. 

Players will be able to collect combinations and then see the progress bar add up. The progress bar will keep on adding up and then you can claim the lightning meter. This lightning meter will be able to give many players up to 100 dollars worth of in game credits. 

The lightning credit Is an amazing feature to take advantage of. You can even stack many times worth of combo. But note that you can lose the combo progress if you leave it for too long.

Unique Features in Lucky Lightning

Lucky Lightning is not only specialized in jackpots. Instead, there are other types of symbols that you can get. The first main feature for players to get is Money Symbols. This specific combination can only appear if you get the Wild Respin symbol repetitively. 

And then, you also need the symbols to appear on reel 3 up to reel 7. Players will also see different cash values. The symbols may not be much at first. There are around 10 to 20 different pictures. 

Wild symbols also have a huge chance of appearing on your screen. Players will be delighted when they are able to see symbols on reel 1 and 2. This is how you get the wild combination.

There are also other types of features in this slot game. That feature is called as the Coverall. The Coverall feature will produce money for players when they are able to hit wild symbols. But the wild symbol must specifically be located at the 2nd reel. 

After that, you can see a total Money symbols that will give you twice the payout. One money symbol can produce up to 5 times. If you get twice then the total amount will be set at 10 times.

Conclusion of Playing in Lucky Lightning Video Slot

Our Lucky Lightning slot review has come an end. So we are going to give you some information regarding the overall quality of this game. The game of Lucky Lightning can be favorable to players. You can see a huge history of Ancient Greece being displayed on this single game alone.

Lucky Lightning is already an old game. The game was originally created in 2017. Hence some of the animations may be outdated from the ones that you see right now. The RTP in itself is not really high. The game has an RTP of 96.8%. There are other types of slot games that can definitely give you better returns that this one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got some questions on your mind? No worries! This next section down below will surely answer those questions for you. 

1. How to Play Online Slots?

Online slots is an easy game to play. Almost anyone who has money can try online slot games. In order to play online slot games, then all you need to do is find an online casino. After that, make an account in that casino so you can start gambling. 

The account that you make must also be in a trusted casino. Do a deposit and grab the rewards that are given to you. After that, do make sure that you can pick the right slot game. The one we are talking about in this article is Lucky Lightning. 

You can find games like this one from the Pragmatic Play provider website. Place your bet according to the balance that you have. Do not bet too big because then this is also a high volatility slot game. Click spin if you think that you are already done. 

The reels will keep on spinning until it will stop by itself. The reel should spin randomly for a couple of seconds only. Players can then see the symbols and combinations that are displayed at their screen. You can immediately claim the money from this one.

2. Can I Withdraw the Rewards?

Yes of course you can! All rewards from slot games can immediately be withdrawn once you have won. Each website will have different terms and conditions on the minimum amount of money that you can withdraw. Some websites will allow $10 worth of chips or coins. 

Whereas some website will require the players to do a withdrawal of around $20. This is up to you and you can choose when to withdraw.

Keep in mind that players will also receive something called as a bonus when playing. You cannot withdraw the bonus immediately even if you want to. This is because there are terms and conditions that makes it a must for you to play first. 

You have to gamble around 5-10 times before the money can be withdrawn. Feel free to try these games and let us know. We hope that our online Lucky Lightning slot review have helped you today.


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