Jossip folding



Jossip, David Hauslib’s Gawker manque, which he started in 2003 while a J-school student at Syracuse University (not sure what that says about Syracuse’s J-school), went dark on Saturday. The site has been for sale for more than a year, but apparently Hauslib hasn’t had any takers (although Conde Nast was once rumored to be circling). The shutdown of what was often a smartly written—if absurdly designed—site follows the the closings of two of Hauslib’s other sites, Mollygood and Stereohyped, for girls and black people, respectively, in December.

Hauslib had rarely posted to Jossip in recent months, leaving the site primarily in the hands of 24-year-old bloggeuse Drew Grant while concentrating on his gay site, Queerty, which is said to be doing well.

A moment of silence, please.


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