July 10th is the First Annual “Freelancers Put On Your Pants” Day



I’m not wearing any pants right now–and chances are, if you’re reading this website, you aren’t either.

While this is somewhat of a longstanding personal habit, being jobless and rattling around the apartment all day wearing my boyfriend’s oversized button-down shirt is making me feel like a drunken landlady.

If you’re freelance, unemployed, or underemployed, you probably work at home and don’t always wear pants either. (Gentleman–no, those ratty “writing shorts” do not count.)

This Friday, July 10th, let’s all make an effort to all put on pants. Fridays are often a time for a more relaxed dress code in offices. But not for the jobless. This Friday, take a shower in the morning, fix your hair, and put on some nice clothes even if you won’t be leaving the house. Nice shorts and skirts OK too, but NO boxers or pajamas–you must wear clothes that you could actually go to a job in. (Send in pics if you want!)

Too often, un- and under-employment causes people to fall into a rut. This will give everyone an extra shot of self-esteem and aura of respectability as we continue our job hunting. It’ll make us all feel better.


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