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Fishin’ Reels Slot Review: Fishing Themed Slot



Fishin’ Reels Slot Review: Fishing Themed Slot

Slot games are always created uniquely. Sometimes you may need to find a more you need game to try. Slot games can also be very boring because it is quite repetitive. In order to find a new game then you may want to read our fishin’ reels slot review today. 

There are hundreds of different slime games out there. This one specifically is provided by a pragmatic play software developer. They’re one of the most well-known developers out there that is ready to give you high-quality games. 

But before you play their games and you might want to read a couple of reviews before jumping in. Our review today will dissect different parts of this game. After that, we’ll complete to you on whether or not this game is profitable.

Themes of Fishin’ Reels Slot Review

Fishin’ Reels Slot Review: Fishing Themed Slot

First of all let us talk about the themes of this game. The theme of this game is very clear because it already says fishing. The game is based off of a fishing storytelling game. You will play as a fisherman and you will catch fishes in the seat. 

The way players are able to catch the fishes is to jumble. Each combination will land you on many different symbols. These symbols are created off of fishes themselves. 

Every time you hit a combination then there will be splashes and animations as well as sound effects. Players are able to switch different types of symbols every time they catch a fish. There are fishes such as trout, shark, someone, etc. 

The bigger the fish this means that you also have a bigger reward. The highest rewarded you can get is the shark. This will be the jackpot in the main event that everyone is looking for.

How to Play in Fishin’ Reels Slot

Next up in our Fishin’ Reels slot review is we’re going to talk about how to play. Playing is quite simple. This game has an easy to understand user interface. In order to understand the user interface and all you need to do is log into the game. 

The game will display to you several things and you might understand immediately. First of all players are allowed to choose the amount of bets that they want to put in. There will be the plus and minus sign. 

This shows you how to add a minus the amount of bet that you want to place. The amount of bet has an increment of $1. You can bet as low as $1 and then go as high as $200. The minimum rent of his name may be a little bit higher than other types of games. 

But that is okay because the game is a low to medium volatility game. This means that even if you don’t hit the high combination you’re not going to lose money immediately. There are other ways to make money in this game such as heading to low combinations.

Free Spins in Fishin’ Reels Slot

Free spins will give players additional tries for free.. You can spin those wheel for free but also get free rewards. In order to get a free spin then there are certain symbols that you need to have. This is a must get combination when you’re playing an online slot such as Fishin’ Reels.

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Progressive Jackpot in Fishin’ Reels

Next up let’s talk about the jackpot system. Jackpot is an important aspect of the game that everyone need to get. There are several types of jackpot such as single slot or multiple slot. This specific jackpot is used for multiple line ones. 

The game is known as progressive jackpot because the amount of money that you can get will keep on increasing. For example you start off the game with a jackpot $1,000. Upon completing some combinations then you have access to up to $10,000 worth of jackpot. 

There’s a maximum amount of progressive jackpot. A player can get a maximum money of $100,000. It cannot go any more than this. You can even see if the progressive jackpot amount. For example if you don’t want to play again today then you can continue tomorrow. 

The amount of jackpot that you will get is basically the same. It will not change unless you reset the whole thing. The game will reset by itself once you hit the actual jackpot amount. So if you get a jackpot on $2,000 then that will go back to $1,000.

Payout System in Fishin’ Reels

A game like this one will have many payouts in total. A payout is what you count to get money and this can range from 0 times up to 100 times multiplier. For beginners, you can understand payouts by learning the symbols. 

There will be over 20 different symbols depending on the slot game that you play. Fishin’ Reels has a total of 15 symbols. These symbols can be mixed and match and it will still produce up to 1024 combinations. 

These combination must produce something if not produce nothing at all. The smallest combination can give you up to 2 times the reward. And then you can start increasing your bet if you want to get more money. 

Payout will directly be multiplied with the amount of money that you are placing in a single bet. The more money you are willing to bet means that there is a bigger potential payout that you can actually get. 

The biggest payout will come from the salmon symbol. A total of 1000 times worth of profit can be made. This huge profit margin is the perfect slot game for you to try.


Our Fishin’ Reels slot review has come to an end. We can conclude to you that this game is an average game to try. The theme may not be as exciting as other types of slot games. There are some differences and aspects that you need to see when playing slot games like this. 

Fishin’s Reels is a game that you can enjoy with high RTP. The RTP of this game 98% and it will always stay constant. You can enjoy this best win rate slots online game from Pragmatic Play. Thank you for sticking with our Fishin’ Reels slot review.

Not only Fishin’ Reels slots, at Pragmatic Play, but this website also provides many types of slot games. One of them is the Caishens Cash Slot game which has a characteristic oriental theme.

Tips to Win in Slot Games

Tips to Win in Slot Games

Understanding Rolling in Online Slot Gambling Sites

There are many rolling types that casinos will use. The type is wheel 3, then followed by wheel 5. Whichever type you want to play, online slot sites will be willing to welcome players. 

However, there are things that you must know first. There are different types of online slot gambling. A wheel with a total of 3 reels or 3 wheels will spin with a maximum pattern of only hundreds. 

There are not many combinations that can be generated from the slot machine. However, this type of slot machine can make more money if you get the right spins.

While the slot machine with 5 wheels will spin following a certain pattern. As there are more and more wheels, online slots will also produce even more combinations. There is a total combination of up to 4000 variants. This makes it much easier for bettors to win, but wins are obtained in smaller multiples.

Seeing Online Slot Gambling Patterns

Because our online slot site follows a certain provider program, there will be a pattern that you can follow. This pattern will repeat gradually. To be able to win continuously, you must be able to predict when the wheel will spin the jackpot for you. 

And this knowledge can be known by observation. The pattern is different. Starting from a pattern such as a full jackpot, or also a 10-fold or 20-fold win. This information can be utilized to get more profit in the future.

Indeed, a gambler also needs time and experience capital in order to understand when to bet big. The bigger the bet you place, the bigger the profit. We strongly recommend that you choose an online slot machine with the words ‘Recommended’. Slot machines like this will throw you forward because the benefits received are very large.

Get to know the best pay line for jackpot

Pay line is a term to symbolize the total combinations that you can get in online slots. When you play, of course, the jackpot will not be played immediately. Maybe if you are lucky, the jackpot will appear quickly and easily. 

But there are ways in which you can keep playing, non-stop, without being afraid, and still have a high chance of getting the best pay line. The trick is to do a little research about the slot you want to try. By doing this, the bettor will be much more aware of the number of pay lines.

With the cheapest online slot sites, you will continue to win even if they don’t immediately attract the jackpot. At least, you can still profit up to tens of millions of dollars before you can get the jackpot at a lucky time.

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Alien Wins Slot Demo Review



Alien Wins Slot Demo

Get ready for an out-of-this-world adventure with Alien Wins Slot Demo by RealTime Gaming! This newly released slot game features cute and colorful alien critters that travel through the universe to bring you huge payouts. With 10 fixed paylines and high volatility, Alien Wins is a game that is perfect for players who are looking for a high-risk, high-reward experience.

Theme & Design in Alien Wins Slot Demo

The game’s theme and design are centered around delicious-looking treats, which might make you hungry while playing. But don’t let that distract you from the dark and vibrant space background that adds to the game’s overall visual appeal.

Basic Gameplay of Alien Wins Slot

Gameplay is straightforward, with one big button to take care of the spins and some smaller buttons that adjust the wagers. However, the game’s true power lies in its special symbols and player interactions. The Morphing Wild is an extremely powerful version of a regular Wild, while the Bursting Wild sends up to three Wilds on the reels 2-4. And, if you’re feeling lucky, you can activate the Cosmic Spins feature for a chance to get Wilds with random multipliers.

Alien Wins Slot Demo – Advanced Mechanics

Alien Wins comes packed with exciting bonus features that can greatly increase your chances of winning big. Here are some of them:

  • Morphing Wilds: This feature transforms the whole reel into a wild symbol, and you also get a free re-spin. If you get two Morphing Wilds, two entire reels will turn wild, and you’ll get two free re-spins. Additionally, each wild symbol comes with a random multiplier of up to 8x, which can further boost your winnings.
  • Bursting Wilds: From time to time, a Bursting Wild symbol may appear on the reels, which will add up to three additional wild symbols to reels 2-4.
  • Cosmic Spins: This feature allows you to buy wild symbols during the game. You can activate Cosmic Spins by paying 10x or 95x your bet, depending on whether you want one or two wild symbols. This feature can be useful when you sense that a big win is about to happen.
Alien Wins Slot Demo

RTP & Volatility of Alien Wins Slot

One of the highlights of Alien Wins is its high volatility, which means that players have the potential to win big payouts if they are lucky enough. The game has 10 fixed paylines on five reels, with a maximum payout of 50,000 times the bet.

The design of Alien Wins is particularly unique, as it features adorable aliens that resemble candy and sweets. The space background complements the theme well and creates a visually pleasing experience for players.

The Morphing Wild feature is particularly powerful, as it can morph an entire reel and provide players with a re-spin. Additionally, each Wild symbol comes with a random multiplier of up to 8x. The Bursting Wild feature adds even more Wilds to the reels, providing players with more opportunities to win big. Finally, the Cosmic Spins feature allows players to purchase Wilds and increase their chances of hitting a big payout.

If players want to try Alien Wins slot demo for real money, they can easily make deposits on any of their online casino sites. However, withdrawals require account verification, which can take up to a week. For those who want to try the game for free, a demo version is available on the slot88 website with a fun budget of $1000.

Overall, Alien Wins is a fun and unique slot game that provides players with the potential for big payouts. Its adorable alien design and advanced mechanics make it a standout among RTG’s recent releases.

Conclusion for The Alien Wins Slot Demo

Alien Wins looks more inspired than the rest of the newer RealTime Gaming releases – you can almost sense how the developers themselves were having a good time while creating this game, which probably doesn’t happen very often given their tight production schedule.

We believe that our Alien Wins slot demo review will not be the only one to mention how RTG concentrated on making the game more interactive – the buying feature may be somewhat unbalanced, but it still provides the player with a much higher level of control over what is occurring on the playing board.

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A Dark Matter Slot Demo – Reviews, Demo Version, Payout & Bonuses



A Dark Matter Slot Demo

A Dark Matter Slot Demo is an intriguing Whodunnit (crime) themed online slot from Microgaming and Slingshot Studios. The game features invasive wilds and a generous free spins round with multiplied wins. This is a high volatility slot with a 96.17% RTP and a 2400x top prize.

A Dark Matter online slot machine theme

Set in a grand Victorian mansion, A Dark Matter Slot Demo is a murderous crime thriller from Microgaming and Slingshot studios. There’s quite an interesting backstory here, as the town of Stonehurst has been plagued by a string of disappeared people. The crimes appear to be connected to Lady Eleanor at Wraith Manor and Detective Nathan Highmore has been called to the rescue.

The slot’s aesthetic does a really good job of drawing players into the mystery right in the middle of the action. The symbols represent different characters who got caught up in the crime thriller and the reels are located at the bottom of the sinister double staircase in Wraith Manor.

How to Play A Dark Matter Slot Demo

There are only 5 paylines in A Dark Matter Slot Demo, but there’s still plenty of action in this game as there’s a generous top prize worth 2400x your stake. You can wager between .05 coins and 50 coins per spin, making this game ideal for both high rollers and penny slots players. In the collapsible menu you can toggle the Quick Spin feature on and off, set your bet and use autoplay for up to 100 spins.

What Is The RTP Of Dark Matter Slots?

The RTP 18Hoki of A Dark Matter is 96.18%. It is a high volatility game with wins awarded less frequently than the average online slot. However, if they do catch on, you’re in for some very generous payouts. For example, our hit rate was around 15%, but we managed to land some pretty decent payouts worth up to 20x our stake.

A Dark Matter Slot Demo

How To Win On Dark Matter Slots/ Win Big On Dark Matter Slots

Landing three or more matching symbols on the same payline awards you generous prizes when you spin the reels on A Dark Matter slots. The most generous symbol in the game is the detective, which pays out a prize worth 600x your stake.

Bonuses And Free Spins For A Dark Matter

When you play A Dark Matter, the first bonus you are likely to come across is the Invading Wild feature. When a row of wild symbols lands on the reels, this bonus round triggers. They then trickle over to the next reel to pack another stack of Wilds and can help you rack up some very impressive wins.

When three or more scatter symbols appear on the reels, you can also activate a free spins bonus. You can get up to 12 Free Spins where all Wild symbols are super stacked, allowing you to trigger the Invasion Wild Bonus more often. Also, if a wild reel is part of a winning combination, your prize is doubled.

A Dark Matter demo game

Here at Slots Temple, you may play the A Dark Matter slot machine for free. No deposit required, and you have 100,000 free spins credits to spend however you like. This is a great opportunity for you to get to know the slot machine and see if its gameplay suits your taste. We always advise players to wager between 150 and 200 free spins before deciding whether or not to spend money on a slot machine.

Overall Review – A Dark Matter slot machine

The intriguing slot machine A Dark Matter from Microgaming and Slingshot Studios has a distinctive whodunnit premise. The gameplay, on the other hand, is a little lackluster. The invasive wilds improves things a bit, but you don’t see the feature very often – maybe five times every 100 spins. However, if she lands, she can pull off some big wins.

During the free spins round, things are sped up as you can trigger the invasive wilds bonus more often. But you notice that it happens more often and you can add up your prices faster.

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Reel Rush Slots Game: Gameplay, Features, RTP and Volatility



reel rush slots

Reel Rush slots is a colorful and fast-paced slot game created by NetEnt that has a unique design resembling an old-school video game. Its bright colors, funky sound effects, and fun soundtrack make it an entertaining game to play.

The game has a unique reel layout that provides players with an opportunity to win big with every spin, thanks to its generous bonus features and high RTP. Discover what makes this game so popular among slot enthusiasts by diving into the world of Reel Rush slots.

Reel Rush Slots Game Overview

According to the betting blog, Reel Rush is an online slot game developed by NetEnt that offers an exciting and unique gameplay experience, complete with colorful graphics and lively music. The game has a playful and energetic vibe, featuring fruit symbols, a candy-themed background, and a fast-paced soundtrack.

reel rush slots


Reel Rush has 5 reels and can offer up to 3,125 ways to win, which can increase with each win due to the game’s re-spin feature. Whenever you land a winning combination, the reels will re-spin, and two new positions will be added to them. This can continue with each consecutive win until you reach the maximum of 3,125 ways to win.


The Free Spins feature is a highlight of Reel Rush slots game. You can activate it by getting five wins in a row. Once triggered, you will receive 8 free spins, and the game’s maximum number of ways to win will be in play. This can result in significant payouts, especially if you land high-paying symbols.

RTP and Volatility

In simpler language, Reel Rush is a slot game that can pay out big but not as often. The game has a good RTP rate of 96.96%, which is higher than most online slots.


The Reel Rush slots game is enjoyable and thrilling to play, with its own special way of playing and many opportunities to win a lot of money. Whether you’re experienced with slot machines or new to online gambling, you’re bound to enjoy playing this game. Would you like to have a good time on slot777 betting websites?

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