Stranded Sails: Explorers of The Cursed Island review



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Stranded Sails: Explores of the Cursed Island is a single-player game, full of exploration and farming adventure. It is an open world with a lot of quests and discoveries since you’re shipwrecked on a mysterious archipelago. The player has to survive and solve all the mysteries on the island.

Stranded Sails: Explorers of The Cursed Island review

The Story

This game collaborates the concept of growing plants with the story of a pirate stranded on a tropical island. A bit different from the rest of typical games, Stranded Sails: Explores of the Cursed Island offers a formulation that they call ‘ an open world farming game”.

The player starts the game by boarding a ship with a group of people. All members have different roles, such as The Father, captain, blacksmiths, cooks, and so on. Their destination is a place with a cooler climate, but like its name – Stranded Sails: his ship breaks and the disaster begins.

Now the character finds himself stranded on a deserted and mysterious island that is way warmer than the player’s destination. The character has to survive by farming, growing plants, and feeding the shipmates. While waiting to face the enemies, players can explore the area for various resources and find a way to escape.


Lemonbomb Entertainment developed this game and offers unique visuals in low poly style with the circumstances that look contrasting in harmony with the situation on a tropical island. This game is made in bright and full color. So, visually, Stranded Sails: Explores of the Cursed Island will be suitable for younger gamers.

Musically, it gives the player a soothing and calming effect. One thing about this game is, it has a fixed camera that we can not move with the right stick (when using PS4). But the game still works okay without a moving camera.

For the lighting, this game has a great day and night cycle. The interface is also satisfying and it seems like a very fit for the console.


Stranded Sails: Explores of the Cursed Island features offered are quite interesting. Not only farming, harvesting, and collecting various kinds of resources around the player, the player can also sail to find treasures. The character also has to prepare weapons to attack and defend from enemies that stand in his/ her way.

Features like this seem to have been made because the developer was inspired by games like Harvest Moon and The Legend of Zelda. To make it easier for the player to understand this game, here are some of the key features in it.

  • Experience an open-world adventure. The player will experience an open-world adventure filled with various discoveries and guests.
  • Farm, harvest, and cook in a fun way for survival. This game requires the player to provide his/ her ship crews with food and increase their happiness while discovering new dishes by experimenting with different ingredients.
  • Build, organize, and decorate the camp. The character needs to organize the creation of his crew camp, decorate and develop it. He also can unlock new decorations by giving gifts. This task can improve the player’s relationship with his crew ships. and as a bonus, he earns advantageous perks, such as upgrades for tools, farms, and more.
  • The player also needs to prove his/her skills to build a ship. Since the island is a part of a small group of islands, the player can explore the other islands on foot or by boat and find various and useful tools to survive, fishing spots, rewarding activities, hidden secrets, and also treasures.
  • Cook food and crafts items. The player must cook and craft items by himself to prepare his/her exploration trips. But remember, the player must stock up on food and manage his/ her energy while exploring the cursed islands.
  • Face the threats. A unique task, the player also has to face the supernatural’s threats and solve the secrets behind The Cursed Island.

How To Play

This game is an open survival game and the player must have several strategies to ensure he survives the first days of being stranded. This strategy includes recognizing the basics of life on the island. So here are the strategy guide, tips, and tricks to play Stranded Sails: Explores of the Cursed Island:

Use the Map to Turn Back Home

In the early game, the player will find himself/ herself constantly running out of energy very quickly, especially when the player is running faster across the island just to get to his/ her destination quicker. But don’t worry, after completing a few missions, Captain Charles will give the player a map of the entire island.

Light a Campfire

The map is really useful to find locations. The player can also use the map for quick trips back to a fixed spot/ location. The first point the player can do is a bonfire next to his/ her wrecked ship. It means that the player doesn’t have to worry about running out the energy.

Recharge the Energy

Once the player runs out of his/ her energy, just simply back into the campfire then take a deep quick nap to fully restore the energy. When the player feels far from home with no food, one thing he/ she can do is to come back here and sleep because to get home quickly costs nothing.

Find a New Recipe

The player can find some delicious recipes to restore the energy from his/ her plants. A basic recipe is available, but it only restores a little energy. So, the gamer must know to continue planting and as he/ she gets more of the crops. Then, remember to take a look at the table.

Cook the Crops

Next, the character will see the question mark in the recipe book that indicates every recipe he can cook with all the ingredients he/she has. All the players need to think about is how to put the correct ingredients together. Start throwing the plants, hit the button, and see what happens.

Be Creative

This entire invention process doesn’t take away the crops so the player can try to be more creative in this process. To help the player know what to do next, various icons will appear in the box.

Increase Energy and Items with Stew

The player will gain access to cooking pots after building a few huts for the rescued ship crews. The player can fill them with various ingredients and prepare lots of stews. The stew will still be delicious all day long so it can keep the ship crews happy.

Earn Special Advantages

When the character makes his crew happy, It will grant him a special advantage. which is indicated by the blue light icon. With this advantage, every action the player makes will use up less energy than usual. This action is especially important when the player plans to be away from the camp during the day.

System Requirements

Cooperating with Merge Games and Rokapublish, Stranded Sails: Explores of the Cursed Island game is developed by Lemonbomb Entertainment. The first release is in October 2019. This game is available on the PC platform, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. Especially for PS4 and Switch, there is also a special version of “Signature Edition”.

To play it on PS5, the player needs to update his/ her system to the latest system software. This may cause the possibility that some features on the PS4 will be lost. This game system requires a minimum for OS Windows 7/ 8/ 9, Processor Dual-Core: 2 GHz,

Game-Playing Experience

Some gamers who have played it have many opinions about this game. So here are the likes and dislikes of this game.

1. Lack of Characters

Some argued that finding a missing crewmember or looking for their belongings seemed a bit of a hassle. Then there are times when the character has to go and chop the wood. Each hit means the player has to press the square button three times. This may be a bit annoying.

When it comes to character, this game is lacking in characters. The main character in this game feels like don’t connected with the other survivors. This may happen due to the fact that all dialogues are text-based and there are no voiceovers. But overall, it is still acceptable.

2. Fun and Enjoyable

As some people get more into the game, it gets better and more fun. When the new tools are unlocked, the player can access more areas. It means that there is always a reason to go back to the previous place. When the game progresses, the character can plant and harvest more food.

When the character harvests more food, he can make dishes that will increase his energy. Discovering new recipes can fill the player up with more energy, which means that the player can explore further. If the character runs out of his/ her stamina, he/ she will pass out and wake up at the back of the ship.

In short, Stranded Sails: Explores of the Cursed Island is a fun and enjoyable experience that has a lot to offer. It is not in the same league as other farming games, because it has more than just farming.


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