CNBC Wants More Attention



Oh geez, it’s been ages since I had to write about CNBC’s monster catfights and blow-ups. Seriously, they must have slipped some sedatives into Rick Santelli and Maria Bartiromo’s decaf lattes lately, because all has been quiet on the Western front over there.

And then Erin Burnett saw the opportunity to strike and bring glory dishonor to her station once again.

Burnett is in a whee bit o’ trouble after comparing the situation in Iran to the impending Employee Free Choice Act. You see, because making it easier to form unions make it easier for employees to dissent which then enters phase two of ?????? that we all know quickly leads to a totalitarian regime. Yeop.

They should never let the “Street Sweetie” out of her cage, or out of Bartiromo’s angry laser gaze. As long as those two are busy duking it out with each other, we can leave all the crazy misspeaks to the wacky Jim Cramer.


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